GameFi Revolutionizes The NFT And Gaming Cryptosphere To Build A More Game-like Environment In Defi.

With PIKA serving as the primary currency and lifeblood of GameFi and its projects, the platform is out to become a game-changer by connecting NFTs and blockchain gaming with the world.

GameFi is out to become a game-changer in the industry after unveiling an innovative staking and evolution system that applies a game-like strategy to the crypto market.

Staking is the act of depositing tokens into a central accumulation pool with the prospect of obtaining additional rewards. On the other hand, evolution involves depositing tokens to the main accumulation pool but without getting the same tokens back. Instead, the investor will get a rarer and more valuable token.

GameFi’s PIKA, an ERC-20 project, represents the best of both worlds – cutting-edge Tokenomics and digital asset management as well as real-world game involvement.

“The GameFi team wants to revolutionize the NFT and gaming cryptosphere to build a more game-like environment in Defi, with developmental objectives and revolutionary potential. Since our establishment, the team has ramped up efforts to set the standard of what cryptocurrencies should be, and we always push to find new and exciting ways to add value to our community, a representative of GameFi said in a statement.

PIKA is built on the Ethereum and cloned on the POLYGON networks. With developments in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), reward-based gaming systems, and evolution-based staking, it is out to set the trend for all newcomers into the crypto-sphere.

GameFi has created an evolutionary three-tiered ecosystem that is completely unique. In addition, all its three tokens are implemented into all GameFi projects creating utility.

GameFi's first major product is called TheKRAFT, a GameFied NFT marketplace and minting presently in the final stage of development. TheKRAFT serves as a space where NFT game players and artists can collect and create NFTs. Through a unique collection method and holding incentives for NFTs and PIKA, the GameFi team has created a unique way to interact with NFTs.

TheKRAFT seeks to bring blockchain-based games to the next level. Players do not only get the chance to hold PIKA, but they also get to enjoy the perks of blockchain gaming and traditional gaming and how TheKRAFT merged them. As well as mint NFTs for thier own projects.

Through the actual marketplace, the GameFi team has integrated various ways of keeping users interacting with the site. It features puzzle NFTs where users can collect NFTs to complete a puzzle, with the final piece being a gift from the team.

In addition, a treasure hunt will be integrated into the platform where users would use clues to find NFTs and earn special prizes. Keys unlock other parts of the site also bring a gamelike atmosphere.

The platform has a special collection of exclusive artists whom the team has contracted with worldwide to bring some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring NFT artwork onto TheKRAFT.

The NFT trading card game, its second product, is well into development as well. “This is a big step for PIKA as it looks to establish itself as a global force in the crypto NFT market,” the representative explains.

With its impressive contacts in the art and gaming development sector, the GameFi team looks to create one of crypto’s best online trading card games. The NFT Tokenomic structure will allow a portion of all sales to be fed into a reward system for GameFi’s TCG.

Those who want to learn more about GameFi may visit its website for more information.

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