$GalaxyDoge to launch on Pancake Swap on 23rd February

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Users can swap $BNB for $GalaxyDoge on Pancake Swap on 02-23-2022.

$GalaxyDoge is set to launch on Pancake Swap 2-23-2022. $GalaxyDoge implements a fully audited security, high APY staking with a referral system, reflection, P2E gaming, buy-back & burn mechanics, and hyper-deflationary tokenomics.

Features Of Crypto Ecosystem

Galaxy Doge implements a 9% tax on buys and an 11% tax on sells. This allows $GalaxyDoge token to be the ultimate use case for the Galaxy Doge Ecosystem.

Reflection & Hyper-deflationary Tokenomics: Each and every user benefits from the reflection tax and the burn wallet. Our Blackhole Burn Wallet receives reflection on buys and sells and then burns those tokens out of circulation forever, continually shrinking the supply of $GalaxyDoge. This function also rewards holders of $GalaxyDoge with more $GalaxyDoge. One of the main benefits is the self-sustaining functionality of our staking pools. To keep APY high and long-lasting our staking pools also receive reflection and a ‘deposit’ tax.

Buy-back & Burn: The buy-back mechanics perform strategic buys of $GalaxyDoge tokens and send them to the Blackhole Burn Wallet (reducing circulating supply).

High APY Staking & Referral System: A custom DAPP that provides holders with the option to stake their tokens for double rewards (still receive reflection and APY from the staking pools). The referral system is implemented to reward holders 2% on every referral when they share their unique link to the staking pools.

P2E Game is in development and launching soon.

Tested System

Before the official launch, Galaxy Doge was tested via different contracts several times and under different names. To prevent token sniping the platform leverages anti-sniper bots executed during and after the public launch.

Galaxy Doge is also audited by a third party, and the liquidity has been locked for a minimum of one year through Pinksale’s LP lockers.

Taxation Schematic

Taxing the transactions help the development, the marketing, the burn (hyper-deflationary), buy-back mechanics, staking pools, and reflection rewards to holders.

There is a buy tax of 9% - 2% reflection to holders of $GalaxyDoge, 2% to buy-back and burn 1% to liquidity, and 4% to the marketing & development. The sell tax is 12% - 4% reflection to users of $GalaxyDoge, 2% to buy-back and burn 1% to liquidity, and 4% to the marketing & development.

About Galaxy Doge

Galaxy Doge is built by a team of crypto experts and top tier marketing/branding gurus. Galaxy Doge aims to create opportunities for the entire crypto community and also plans to drop the P2E game shortly after the launch. Users can swap $BNB for $GalaxyDoge on Pancake Swap and start engaging in the entire Galaxy Doge ecosystem on 02-23-2022.

Social Media:

Telegram: https://t.me/galaxydoge
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/galaxydogebsc
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxydogebsc/

Contact Info:
Name: Chris
Email: Send Email
Organization: Galaxy Doge
Website: https://www.galaxydoge.info

Release ID: 89064430

Name: Chris
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Organization: Galaxy Doge