GAC NE Announces the Completion of Smart Eco-plant, Superior to Tesla’s “Super Plant”

China has long been the world’s largest country in terms of auto sales and is on the road to an automobile powerhouse due to the development of new-energy vehicles and the improvement of “Made with Wisdom in China.” Covering a floor area of 469,000 square meters, the Smart Eco-plant of GAC NE was completed on December 23. Overall, the annual capacity will hit 400,000 cars and the annual capacity of Phase-1 project 200,000 cars. Compared with Tesla’s “Super Plant,” this plant is supreme and unchallenged by the standards of China’s smart automobile industry, but is setting the pace in the global auto-making field.

With the strategy of building all-industry open and innovative ecological system integrating smart life, GAC NE Plant officially started construction in last September. The first phase was completed at the end of last year and it will be put into production in April next year. Growing out of traditional auto enterprise, GAC NE is unexpectedly building a large-scale plant with cutting-age innovative technology. For example, one of the features is that users may participate in designing and customizing their cars.

Like Tesla’s automobile plant, environmental protection figures prominently in the new plant of GAC NE and the solar photovoltaic technology is used on a large scale. However, the new plant is the world’s first eco-plant with the comprehensive utilization of energy. The plant is blazing a trail in the storage technology of clean energy. It leads the world in its comprehensive utilization laying more stress on solar energy, wind energy and energy storage than on smart micro-grid, along with the self-circulation system.

The new plant of GAC NE is a global leader in the custom production with much interaction, having an edge on Tesla. The new plant is equipped with the world-class intelligent network robot and adopts the exclusive custom production pattern characterized by “whole-process experience,” thereby proving deep eco-integration. In addition, it is an open book, so users can keep abreast of the latest developments of vehicle production through the APP of GAC NE.

Moreover, the new plant of GAC NE is a global leader in the flexibility of steel and aluminum body and digital decisions. Oriented to the application of lightweight materials (aluminum alloy, for instance), GAC NE boasts the aluminum riveting technology, switching technology of spot welding and the production of steel and aluminum mixing, the world’s first of its kind. Therefore, the lightweight body is available, improving the quality and safety. Capturing the spirit of the “Five New” age, the smart eco-plant of GAC NE takes China to the forefront of the smart vehicle production field, and will become the strategic leader of industry innovation in three to five years.

GAC NE strives to provide people with new technology innovation to drive the brand upgrade opportunity and ranks among the world’s technological innovations. GAC NE believes it will lead the industry with its innovation and strategic layout in three to five years.

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