G.M. Plumbing Corp. Gives Homeowners Clarity Concerning Water Heater Rebuilds

Full Service Plumbing Company in Long Beach Explains When It’s Time For A Water Heater Rebuild Or Replacement.

When experiencing water heater problems, it can be difficult determining the source of the issue and how to fix it. Instead of making guesses and possibly damaging the heater further by trying to remedy the problem, Philip Graham of G.M. Plumbing Corp. recommends that homeowners hire experts to determine if the water heater only needs a small repair, complete rebuild, or full replacement.

As a licensed plumbing contractor with nearly 20 years of construction experience, Graham recommends his team of professionals to help Southern California residents with any plumbing problems, including Long Beach water heater rebuilds.

"Our talented crew of skilled tradesmen can handle any plumbing problem you may have. We have a lot of experience solving difficult plumbing problems other companies turn down and/or give up on,” said Graham. “We are the company that stays focused on the task at hand and doesn’t stop until the problems are solved and service is restored. Any property that you manage, own or rent; we can service. We are a full service plumbing company that can accommodate all of your plumbing needs."

The number one indicator of a water heater in need of a rebuild or replacement is no hot water or hot water that quickly runs out. Other red flags include rust-colored water, a foul odor, low rumbling or high pitched whining, and water leaking around the heater itself. If a complete replacement isn’t necessary, individuals can save money by opting for a water heater rebuild instead.

"Rebuilding a water heater is beneficial to homeowners as they can save water and money on their utilities bill; often more than the cost of installing a new model. No job is too big or too small for us, including water heater rebuilds and replacements. We will also take on any job that is associated with natural gas, propane, hot/cold potable water, sewage, steam systems, HVAC and water heating systems,” said Graham.

Graham Maintenance Plumbing Corp is a 24-hour service that can assist with any Long Beach water heater rebuild. They are a licensed and insured full service plumbing corporation owned and operated by Phillip Graham. G.M. Plumbing currently provides replacement of a new gas control valve, pilot assembly/bracket, gas flex and pilot tubing for less than $500. This includes testing the functionality of the water heater afterwards and measuring C02 PPM levels.


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