G.F. Sprague Solves Severe Ice Dam in Metrowest, MA

G.F. Sprague & Co. Inc., an expert in resolving many roofing, windows, chimneys, gutters and structural problems in the Massachusetts area, successfully tackled a severe ice dam issue in Metrowest, Massachusetts. This ice dam removal project was one of 97 which G.F. Sprague completed in the Bay State area this winter.

Problems like ice dams occur due to the changes in weather, and accumulation of snow on the roof and gutters. These ice dams can cause structural damage to a property if the water from the melted snow keeps seeping into the roof tiles and walls.

For the Metrowest ice dam removal project, G.F. Sprague had to balance the removal of the ice dam without damaging the home and roofing system. Fortunately, G.F. Sprague, has been performing ice dam removal services for 45 years now, and their experienced and trained staff know how to tackle any ice dam issue.

The customer for the ice dam removal project in Metrowest is quoted; “Thank you for coming so quick. You saved my ceilings. And thank you for working with my insurance company. This really got the process rolling quickly.”

Ice dam removal and prevention is a “tricky process” according to G.F. Sprague's project manager, Bob Scribner. Bob recommends that the homeowner have a licensed roofing company come back annually and inspect the work to make sure the ice dam prevention system is working as designed. G.F. Sprague provides an annual ice dam inspection service for all of its customers.

As suggested by the G.F. Sprague professionals, a properly vented roof is the key to prevent ice dams from occurring; as it is explained on the G.F. Sprague website:

“The best way to deter the formation of ice dams is by having a properly vented roof. An effective roof vent helps to balance the temperature of your roof and attic and prevent the “freeze and thaw” cycle from occurring. If your roof does not have a full-length ridge vent, or if the vent is old or not allowing air to flow freely, it is a good idea to replace it before ice dam problems begin. A complete ventilation system also includes under-eave soffits that bring outside air into your attic.”

Similarly, G.F Sprague in Metrowest, Ma, installed a suitable vented roof and gutter system to ensure that the air flow from the vents prevents ice dams from ever occurring. Also, an effective gutter system allows the melted ice to be drained quickly and easily so that water and ice do not accumulate on the roof. On some occasions the G.F. Sprague teams under the spearhead of their project manager have come up with innovative and unconventional roofing solutions to solve problematic ice dam issues. Fortunately the team is well equipped with the knowledge and skill which allow them to offer ice dam removal Metrowest Ma.

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For more information about ice dam removal service please visit their website: http://www.gfsprague.com/services/ice-dam-removal/

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