Fwbdr Can Be a Much Easier Place to Find a Friend With Benefits Compared to Facebook's Secret Crush

For singles and couples searching for a partner for FWB dating or casual NSA hookup fun, the friends with benefits dating app Fwbdr can be a much easier place for that.

​When using any dating app, but especially one when the goal is finding a friend with benefits, being able to find a match quickly and headache-free is a quite common goal. That means comparing which app to use and invest time in is quite intelligent and can save time, frustration and money for the effort. The good news is the choice doesn't have to be a difficult one, with one FWB dating app being a remarkable powerful resource both for singles and for couples wanting to bring in a third person for extra fun. Recently, the question has come up asking if that app Fwbdr can outperform the new Facebook Secret Crush on friends with benefits dating, some advantages from the app make the answer yes.


“We have developed Fwbdr to be safe, to respect user privacy, but to also be something that helps people make FWB dating and NSA casual hookup connections,” commented Elon Stern, the Co-founder of Fwbdr. “Every day and night, we are helping bring people together for the time of their lives and anyone else has a long time ahead of them to catch up to where we are now. And when they do, we will still maintain the same level of superiority over them.”


According to Fwbdr, they hold several key advantages over Facebook's Secret Crush that are clear for anyone who looks at or compares the two options. Some highlights included on Fwbdr:  Secret Crush only allows one crush to be added and removed a day, where Fwbdr do not have restrictions like this – the people listed are really “no commitments” friends with benefits and the whole lists can be removed or added to at any time for any reason; Facebook's Secret Crush does not work independent of Facebook that users need to have someone be their Facebook friend before adding them as a crush, which is a pain because more and more people especially young people are trying to stay off of Facebook completely, Fwbdr doesn't have this issue and is designed to stand on its own two feet as an independent app with a clear, specific purpose; and finally Facebook's Secret Crush won't be available in the United States until the end of 2019, while Fwbdr is going strong right now and users can sign up and find their FWB dating partner without having to wait.


All things considered, Fwbdr can be a much easier place to NSA casual hookup and FWB dating. So don't hesitate to get in on the fun.


For more information, visit the #1 FWB casual hookup community and join at http://www.fwbdr.com.

Download Fwbdr iOS app here:

Download Fwbdr Android app here: ​https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.besget.nsaster

​Fwbdr mobile site: https://m.fwbdr.com/


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