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GBI Research’s latest report Mobile Health (mHealth) Technologies: Global Market Prospects - Featuring Expert Panel Views from Industry Survey 2017 provides a comprehensive analysis of the mHealth landscape. GBI Research conducted an extensive industry survey of 65 experts from the pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare and healthcare IT industries - including organizations that already implement mHealth solutions and services, and those that do not. The survey gathered experience and opinion on the use of mHealth, and insights on key trends for the present and future use of these technologies, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry. The findings from the survey and results from secondary research efforts have been amalgamated with GBI’s own analytical views to provide an assessment that is comprehensive in outlook.

mHealth is a branch of eHealth, and commonly defined as the use of modern information and communication technologies to meet needs of citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers as well as policy markets. It can have a significant impact on consumers and on all aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, and companies are making large investments to leverage these technologies more effectively. mHealth technologies are already a reality in both developed and developing countries, and their uptake is expected to significantly increase in the near future, particularly as the overall healthcare industry continues to shift towards value-based medicine, and due to the increasing need for more cost-effective means to deliver healthcare and to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of medical treatments.

Major points from Table of Contents:
1 Table of Contents
2 mHealth Technologies Overview 8
3 The Global mHealth Market: The Most Important Drivers and Restraints in 2017 18
4 mHealth: Transforming Pharma R&D and Commercial Strategy 30
5 The Most Promising Geographical Markets for mHealth Technologies in 2017 43
6 Strategic Considerations for Effective Implementation of mHealth Initiatives 48
7 Conclusions and Future Outlook for mHealth Technologies Beyond 2017 52
8 Appendix 55

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The report features an overview of mHealth solutions and services and its place within the pharmaceutical industry. It examines the factors driving and necessitating the use of these technologies within this industry, and provides detailed examples of how different solutions could be used to provide direct benefits to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions and patients. There is also an analysis of the main challenges surrounding these technologies, as well as case studies of how companies are already implementing mHealth, and deal with some of the challenges. Finally, based on the totality of the survey results and research, strategic recommendations are provided for the effective implementation of new mHealth initiatives.

The results of GBI’s latest industry survey provide insightful analyses from different expert panels, including results from key geographical markets. The survey examined key issues, such the areas where pharmaceutical organizations are currently utilizing mHealth; where they believe it can have the most impact; the main barriers to uptake and driving factors; the likelihood of increasing investment within the next five years; and the overall attitude towards the use of these technologies within the pharmaceutical industry.

GBI Research conducted extensive research to provide a comprehensive view of mHealth solutions and services. This new report adds to our unique portfolio of trusted industry analyses that enable our clients to assess the most promising areas in the market and exploit key business opportunities.

- What are mHealth technologies? What is their place within the pharmaceutical industry?
- How prevalent is the use of mHealth technologies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and healthcare IT industries?
- What are the main driving factors necessitating the use of mHealth? What is the relative importance of these factors?
- What are the commercial benefits that the use of mHealth solutions and services can provide across the pharmaceutical value chain?
- In which areas are organizations currently using mHealth, and where do they feel it will have the most impact in the next five years?
- What are the main challenges associated with mHealth technologies? What is the relative importance of these factors across key geographical markets? For the organizations that do not yet utilize mHealth solutions, what specific reasons have led to this decision?
- What is the likelihood that organizations that already use mHealth will increase their investment within the next five years? Will those that do not currently invest in the technology begin doing so over this period?
- How can mHealth initiatives be effectively implemented within an organization?
- What is the overall opinion of industry experts on the use of mHealth technologies?

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Key Reasons to Purchase
- Gain insightful analyses and comprehensive understanding of mHealth technologies
- Understand the key drivers necessitating the use of mHealth and the main barriers to implementation
- Understand the views of 65 different organizations within the industry on mHealth
- Assess the most relevant uses of mHealth solutions and services within your company, and effective ways of implementing mHealth initiatives

List of Tables from Table of Contents
Table 1: eHealth: Key Branches and Descriptions 8
Table 2: Examples of Important mHealth Services Currently Available 9
Table 3: FDA Guidance on Mobile Medical Applications by Subset 25
Table 4: Pharmaceutical mHealth Solutions Supporting Marketing and Patient Educational Efforts 39
Table 5: mHealth Solutions Supporting Drug Anti-counterfeiting Efforts 40
Table 6: mHealth Solutions Supporting Pharmaceutical Post-Marketing Surveillance Efforts 40
Table 7: Smartphone Penetration Rates in Key Geographical Markets (%), 2016 and 2020 44
Table 8: Important Considerations and Recommendations For Companies Designing mHealth Initiatives 51

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