Furnace Prices Introduces New Website Designed to Make the Purchase Process Easier

Comparison website eliminates need for consumers to shop around when purchasing with new website design.

Furnace Prices proudly announces the launch of a new website for homeowners looking to purchase heating and cooling appliances. Designed with Ontario in mind, the website helps all Canadians by offering information on prices, quotes, government rebates, furnace manufacturers and more. "No matter what type of heating or cooling appliance one is looking for, Furnace Prices is the place to start one's search as the site is so comprehensive, the search will end here also," Simon Paulson of Furnace Prices (http://furnaceprices.ca) declares.

The first decision one must make when purchasing a new furnace is which unit to buy. Many manufacturers offer furnaces for the home, making the entire buying process confusing to consumers. According to Paulson, Furnace Prices provides information on all major manufacturers, including York and Goodman, and continues to look at new entries into the marketplace to see how they measure up with current offerings. The goal of the site, Paulson goes on to explain, is to gather all information into one site so consumers can make an informed decision quickly and easily.

When calculating the cost of a new furnace, one must consider many factors, including the price of installation and the price of maintenance and repairs. Furnace Prices understands this and examines the average installation cost for new furnaces in the country. In addition to looking at the cost of installing a natural gas furnace, the site analyzes costs for both electric and oil appliances. "Consumers need a variety of options to ensure they find the one which best meets their needs and their budget. Furnace Prices strives to provide this information in a format that is easy to use and many feel the site exceeds all expectations in this area," Paulson explains.

Consumers love to save money on heating and cooling costs, both at the time of purchase and over the life of the appliance. Furnace Prices collects information on government grants, rebates and energy tax credits to ensure consumers pay the smallest price possible when purchasing a new furnace for the home.

"While sharing this information with consumers, Furnace Prices explains factors used during the qualification process for these rebates, credits and grants so everyone can easily see if they qualify. Be sure to check out the deal of the month also to get a great price on a new furnace. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home and the right furnace goes a long way toward ensuring this is the case," Paulson states.

About Furnace Prices:
Furnace Prices provides Canadian homeowners with the information needed to make informed purchase decisions about heating and cooling appliances, including air conditioners, furnaces and other HVAC devices. Offering a wealth of information including price comparisons, government rebate information, manufacturer details, product prices, installation charges, quotes and more, Furnace Prices remains the only site consumers need to visit when purchasing a new heating or cooling appliance in Canada.

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