Functional Medicine Doctor, Dale Kelly at Balanced Health Solutions Helps Treat Diabetes and Other Chronic Illnesses Naturally

Looking beyond the disease, Dr. Kelly at Balanced Health Solutions is helping patients uncover the root cause of their symptoms and get treatment for their diabetes and other chronic illnesses without the use of harsh medications, or procedures.

133 million Americans are suffering from a chronic illness. All most likely receiving the same treatment from everyday doctors: prescriptions, injections, procedures, surgeries. Only to mask the symptoms that come from a debilitating disease. After creating innovative, functional medicine treatment programs, Dr. Kelly is changing the lives of those with diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and many other chronic illnesses.

First at Balanced Health Solutions they want to uncover WHY the patient is having these chronic health issues. By performing extensive testing, Dr. Kelly determines the underlying causes and reveals nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and organ dysfunction that are associated with the disease any patient is suffering with. He then creates a custom plan for each patient and corrects the problems, naturally.

As said by Kelly himself, “When you address the cause of your chronic health problems, you eliminate or reduce your need for medication, restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself and get your life back.”

More than 34 million people in the United States have diabetes, but many people live their daily lives not knowing they have it. In fact study shows that 1 in 5 people don’t know they have diabetes. If someone has diabetes, or even has symptoms of diabetes, Dr. Dale Kelly can teach patients how to control and prevent diabetes. He has helped many patients treat their type 2 diabetes and live a healthier life without medication or Insulin. Hear from one of their many success stories:

“My diabetes had gotten a “little out of control.” My HgA1c was up to a 10, and my blood glucose was up to 300! I went to the VA and they told me they could put me on some medications, and to not worry too much about it. Even while taking the medications, my blood pressure was still high and my cholesterol count was high as well.
I met with Dr. Kelly and I liked what he told me and started his program, which is an excellent program. At my last visit with my VA doctor, my HgA1c was 5.0, and my doctor was totally impressed! I’m off all my blood pressure and cholesterol medications, and I’m off all my diabetes medications.”

At Balanced Health Solutions, they work to restore function to the body and help their patients address diabetes, thyroid, or other chronic illnesses naturally. Dr. Kelly stands by this: stay balanced and you will feel better and be healthier.

Located in Sparks, Nevada, you can contact Dr. Kelly, or his team at Balanced Health Solutions by emailing, or calling their office (775) 358-6824.

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