Fun Baby Shower Online Resource Launches Site To Provide Plethora of Ideas To Hosts

No more boring showers is the theme of new blog site aimed at moms and party hosts planning baby showers reports

Today's baby shower is a far cry from the historical celebration of the birth of a baby. Ancient Egyptians and Grecians typically celebrated the birth of a child after the birth, and with no real fanfare, but with offerings of gifts to the Gods, rather than gifts to the mother or child. During the middle ages, the concept of gifts to the family emerged as the idea of godparents became popular present at the baby's baptism. Typically, the godparents presented silver spoons or some other like gift to the parents at the baptism celebration, prompting the temptation to name several sets of godparents to the child in return for multiple gifts.

Today's modern baby shower, however, has come a long way, says Erin Rhodes, author of the new blog Fun Baby Shower (, an online resource of tips and hints for a creative new child celebration. "As the years have progressed, we've seen baby showers evolve from an all-women event to one that embraces men and women, adults and children. One of the most obvious changes we see today is the role of technology plays. Invitations, which used to always be mailed to the guest list, now are often emailed in elaborate graphically designed invitations."

Rhodes goes on to say the role of the games played at the showers have changed too, partially because the old games became rather stale. "Baby showers are usually very fun. But sometimes they can really drag on and become quite boring. Not everyone wants to keep replaying the same games over and over again, shower after shower. Today's showers can find some new and unusual games such as baby shower participants trying to guess the baby parts on an ultrasound, or even hold virtual baby showers so that out of town or online friends can attend." The launch of Fun Baby Shower ( provides a host of ideas, regardless of the type of shower to help party planners find new and fun ideas for the shower, food, invitations, and party favors.

Rhodes confirms, explaining, "Regardless of when the baby shower takes place, we have a ton of ideas to make the baby shower unique. The mother and father both are sure to love the originality that springs from the website and the thought that went into the planning of the party and the gifts that come from it. Additionally, we have an entire section devoted to how to throw a baby shower on a budget, a theme universal to a number of people in our cash-strapped world today. There's no reason not to throw a baby shower just because money is tight."

With consistently updated posts, the blog themed site is chocked full of creative ideas for the party planner and mom to take advantage of, including thank you note ideas to correlate with the theme of the shower. Furthermore, Rhodes says she also included a page to offer hosts advice on what not to do when throwing a shower. "We know there is plenty of information in books and online about throwing baby showers what colors to use and themes to try, but how often do we get advice on what NOT to do when throwing a baby shower? I took the time to tell mothers and host just a few things that they might want to consider NOT doing, too."

About Fun Baby Shower:

Fun Baby Shower is an online resource of baby shower ideas. The site features decorations, invitations, theme suggestions, shower favor pointers and a host of other tips to put on a creative and innovative shower different from the many people may have attended or hosted in the past.

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