Full Hearing Test in Marina del Rey, CA Recommended Post National Hearing Test

The website nationalhearingtest.org is now available for phone-based initial hearing tests. The audiologists at American Hearing & Balance are available to assist individuals who score outside the normal range and need an in-person, comprehensive hearing test.

As an initial step in detecting hearing loss, the National Hearing Test is a very good choice. Developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health, it provides a telephone-based hearing assessment to screen for functional hearing loss. However, it is vital for all test takers to understand the limits of phone-based screenings and the advantages of a comprehensive in-office hearing test performed by an Audiologist. The audiologists at American Hearing & Balance – Marina del Rey are making an effort to inform others about the National Hearing Test while making themselves available for hearing test appointments and questions in Marina del Rey and surrounding areas.

The National Hearing Test can be found at nationalhearingtest.org and costs $8. As part of Better Speech and Hearing Month, the test is free of charge for the month of May 2014. The test screens for one particular type of hearing problem – the ability to distinguish speech from noise – referred to by audiologists as functional hearing. At the conclusion of the screening, the system instantly gives a score for each ear. The possible scores are “Normal”, “Slightly Below Normal” or “Poor”. The directions given after the test lead test takers to local audiologists. The ‘After the Test' page says, “If your results from the National Hearing Test were “marginal or below normal,” you should make an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation by a certified hearing professional. Even if your results are in the “normal” range but you still have concerns about your hearing, we encourage you to seek a complete hearing evaluation as well.”

American Hearing & Balance in Marina del Rey CA wants to be the provider of choice for following up on screening results from the National Hearing Test. The knowledgeable audiologists are equipped to conduct further testing, provide advice, and respond to questions. The publicity generated by the debut of the National Hearing Test is providing much needed attention to the subject of hearing loss. As more individuals are screened, the need for in-office hearing testing and personalized treatment plans and follow-up health care increases too. The audiologists at American Hearing & Balance in Marina del Rey CA are ideally suited to conduct the comprehensive hearing testing advised by the test creators and to advise people on their treatment alternatives if hearing loss is established.

Although the National Hearing Test is a wonderful first step for many individuals, it does require a land-based telephone connection, a noiseless testing location and the finger dexterity to accurately enter sequences of numbers into the phone. Anyone who suspects hearing loss and might have trouble completing the telephone-based screening is encouraged to schedule an assessment directly with a local audiologist.

About Dr. Keith Michaels, Au.D.

Dr. Keith Michaels, Doctor of Audiology and Hearing Instrument Specialist at American Hearing & Balance, received his Masters Degree from California State University, Los Angeles and his Doctorate in Audiology at Florida University. Dr. Michaels has helped fit thousands of people with hearing aids and loves to work with people who have problems with their balance and/or vertigo.

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American Hearing & Balance is a family owned business providing superior hearing healthcare services in Los Angeles and surrounding communities with seven offices in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Westchester, Torrance and Glendale. They offer a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare professional services, including hearing tests, hearing aid sales, and rehabilitative and counseling services for those with hearing loss. Additionally, American Hearing & Balance stocks all the most common hearing aid accessories including cleaning supplies, hearing aid batteries and cell phone adapters. American Hearing & Balance is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest improvements and technological advancements in the hearing industry and is committed to offering the most current options to patients.


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