FTX Wellness Introduces Full Suite Of Addiction Recovery Treatment Services

The company's comprehensive wellness program helps individuals struggling with substance abuse heal both the mind and body, reports www.ftxwellness.com.

FTX Wellness announced the introduction of their full suite of addiction recovery treatment services. On a mission to help those struggling with addiction achieve overall heath, the company’s comprehensive wellness offerings target healing in both the mind and the body.

“When it comes to sobriety, many patients wonder how they’re going to be able to stay away from the negative behaviors that stem from addiction. While we recognize that psychological therapies are the foundation of addiction recovery, we wholeheartedly believe that physical fitness plays a role in the long term recovery process as well,” said Dr. Hessam Khatami, founder of FTX Wellness.

Dr. Khatami continued, “Not only does working out reduce the effects of substance abuse on the brain, but it can help relieve stress, increase self-esteem, raise dopamine levels, and give the patients something to work towards every day. In turn, taking this physical approach to their therapy helps heal the underlying aspect of the dysfunction within them.”

FTX focuses on the development of fun and effective wellness programs catering to clients of substance abuse treatment programs as well as corporate associates. Programs are tailored to each specific treatment center or corporation and complement their own philosophies and ideologies. FTX uses varied approaches to physical treatment, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and strength and conditioning regimens. Proper nutrition is also emphasized within each program to further aid in physical and mental wellbeing.

Dr. Khatami went on to say, “With tens of millions of people throughout the U.S. struggling with addiction, it’s vital that we find ways to get them on the path to success. Fortunately, our corporate wellness and substance abuse recovery programs are a part of the solution. We take on the liability, working with all insurance providers to ensure that patients get the very best recovery assistance possible. For our team, we consider it our contribution to world as we aim to help people through a difficult time in their lives.”

About FTX Wellness:

Functional Treatment (FTX) Wellness, founded in 2015, develops wellness programs catering to clients of Substance Abuse Treatment Centers and associates of Corporations that are both fun and effective with the goal of helping each individual achieve overall health. While psychological therapies are the foundation of addiction recovery, wellness programs are vital components to healing the mind and body. FTX provides a comprehensive wellness program that caters to each individual Treatment Center or Corporation to complement their own philosophies and ideologies.

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