FTH Capital develops an ecosystem on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain platform

ecosystem on Ethereum 2.0 blockchain platform

Financial Trustment Holdings, as known as FTH Capital, is one of the leading fund management in the world. Their main facilities are the Administration of financial markets and Fund management activities. FTH Capital has had a stellar evolution in just a few years of existence. Only one year after its founding, FTH Capital Management achieved the position of one of the largest capital funds in the local, with a stable profit for investors.

FTH Capital is operated by leading financial experts with many years of investment experience. Their success is evidenced by specific figures over time with the trust of customers and the satisfaction of investors.

Their capital management activities are specified through specific portfolios, including: Hedge Fund Invest, Start-Up Invest and Technology invest

FTH Capital is the best choice for fund management services because:

1.They Know the fund management Industry
FTH Capital has developed a reputation for excellence in their work with the hedge fund industry. They draw on their years of experience to create innovative accounting solutions and deliver timely financial advice you can trust.

2.They're Experts at Tax Planning
When it comes to alternative investments like hedge funds, proactive tax planning is key. They'll develop a solid tax strategy tailored to your fund with the goal of decreasing tax obligations and maximizing returns.

3.They Offer a High Level of Customer Support
Because they take the time to get to know you and your business, they can offer the dependable financial management solutions that will improve efficiency, streamline accounting processes, and save you money. No matter what services you choose, you'll always receive fast, friendly, personal attention.

The new era of technology has opened up a series of opportunities and challenges for fund management companies around the world. In particular, blockchain is an inevitable trend that is growing in popularity and it is penetrating deeply into the operation of the financial system. Catching that trend from the first day, FTH Capital has spent many years researching, developing, and anticipating the technology trends. apply the important achievements of blockchain in the running of their investment funds.

FTH Token is a decentralized token of FTH Capital. The FTH token is built on Ethereum's blockchain 2.0 and is one of the first cryptocurrencies in the world to adopt this technology. FTH tokens will be used as a payment method in FTH capital's comprehensive and widespread ecosystem. With its strength in artificial intelligence technology, blockchain system, and smart contract, FTH token is a big difference among current cryptocurrencies.

FTH coin is based on Ethereum 2.0 blockchain – and it will be applied in to ae worldwide Ecosystem with eight products finished to bring the veritable values for the community. The FTH ecosystem include:

The most effective of FTH PAY is to feature explicit foreign exchange transactions, the users only need to rate the market up or down and decide to choose the trade amount. Operated since quarter 4, 2020. FTH PAY will use FTH token in trading from quarter 1, 2022, which helps cash flow quickly and create more scarcity for FTH TOKEN.

FTH Store is a global e-commerce website. The platform helping businesses to most effectively advertise their product, service, and business on the FTH TOKEN trading platform.
-Extremely simple transactions between businesses and FTH TOKEN’s owner
-Variety of goods
-Transactions cross countries and worldwide.
-Benefits for businesses: Reduce costs of Operation, marketing, business premises…
-Exchanger: Comprehensive support to easily find many cheap and quality items. Save time, other costs to get items…
-Earn CONSUMER POINTS up to 100% to continue buying
- FTH STORE is currently present in a lot of countries worldwide, Open up an era of e-commerce payments

3..APP 3.0 WALLET:
App 3.0 Wallet is capable of storing FTH Token and other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ETH… Saving transaction costs for the community more than other e-wallets on market. FTH TOKEN‘s owner easily convert to others e-money such as BTC – ETH.

FTH Exchange will be one of the world leading exchange plat form for Cryptocurrencies. FTH Exchange ensure for the community the easiest, safest and lowest fee and growth profits to perform exchanges assets, trading and payment in the world scale.

FTH connect to brand and businesses to provide for community life through using Payment visa card to pay for goods and services within the card’s credit limit.

Digital bank application serving for FTH’s own community to carry out international money transfers, inside and outside system. Concurrently pay bills, borrow debts, deposit saving as well as financial products
FTH Capital is expected to become one of the pioneers in applying blockchain platform to businesses, opening up a great opportunity for development in the future. This is what investment funds and technology businesses are aiming for.

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Organization: FTH Capital
Website: http://www.fthcapital.com/

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