FTH Capital and The Bold Movement Initiating The New Crypto Currency ICO

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New ICOs are coming back during the bull run, some are very potential and FTH is definitely one that everyone should keep an eye on.

FTH Capital is one of the leading funds management company in the world. Their main facilities are the Administration of financial markets and Fund management activities. FTH Capital has had a stellar evolution in just a few years of existence. Only one year after its founding, Beach Point Capital Management achieved the position of one of the largest capital funds in the local, with a stable profit for investors. FTH Capital is operated by leading financial experts with many years of investment experience.

In 2015: The company was established by great leaders, experienced financial professionals, and talented fund managers. All gathered with the mission to create a leading company in the world.

In 2018: FTH capital achieved strong strides in the development process. They reached rapid growth in the number of clients managed capital and investment sectors. FTH capital also provides outstanding investment efficiency to clients.

While many of their competitions are putting steps into the industry, FTH decide to not standing out of the crypto space any longer. Report says since 2020, FTH Capital has had its plan on emerging into the crypto market by slowly applying blockchain technology into their business. They were using blockchain encryption advantage to protect their data in order to bring transparent and secure to their customer.

In 2020: FTH Capital applied blockchain technology to the operation of the company. All data is encrypted with smart contracts in a transparent and secure manner. Thereby expanding the customer file as well as the investment sector into the crypto and blockchain categories.

With a wealth of experience and a team of enthusiastic professionals, along with a strong technological background and proven results. FTH Capital confidently asserted its position in the international financial market, becoming one of the world's leading fund.

FTH Token is a decentralized token of FTH Capital. The FTH token is built on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain and is one of the first cryptocurrencies in the world to adopt this technology. The FTH token will be used as a payment method in the comprehensive and extensive ecosystem of FTH Capital. With the strength in artificial intelligence technology, blockchain system and smart contract, FTH token is a big difference between current cryptocurrencies.

FTH Token will be issued to the global community in the form of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

FTH token will have the starting price of 0.55$ with the total 27 million coin being offered for funds. The ICOs will be split into 15 rounds, each round will have a 24 hours period. There will also be one day time between each round. The first 3 rounds will be selling 1 million FTH each and 2 million FTH for every round after that. There will be a special 5% bonus for each referral. The ICO coin that being bought will be fully release after a year, with a quarter of the portion you bought every 3 months.

FTH Capital is going big with this ICO, they have many plans up ahead for the ecosystem and it look promising.

Visit the official website for more information about the ICO program: https://ico.fthcapital.com

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Name: Laura Grime
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Organization: FTH Capital
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Name: Laura Grime
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Organization: FTH Capital