Frux Home and Yard Comments on US FDA’s Ban on the Use of Artificial Trans Fats in Food Products

Frux Home and Yard comments on the US FDA's latest move to ban the use of artificial trans-fats in all food products starting from June 18, 2018.

As of June 18, the FDA has made a historic announcement that states that all food makers are banned from using artificial trans fats in U.S products. The FDA has provided food-makers with 3 years of time to phase out any existing products that include artificial trans-fats as a part of their ingredients list. A move that has long been supported by nutrition researchers and public health officials, this solidifies the government’s stand against unhealthy products that are harming the American populace.

Mike Macdonald, the social media manager at Frux Home and Yard states, “Our company is extremely happy to see the Government’s strong stand against artificial trans-fats, a product that has been known to increase the bad cholesterol in the system and give rise to heart diseases. As a company that produces silicone oven mitts, a lot of our customers inadvertently end up using artificial trans-fats while baking their favorite treat, we hope that this measure can help them lead healthier lives while still enjoying their baked goodies.”

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