From Non-Traditional Holiday Desserts to the Best Restaurants in New York, This Food Blog Has Got It Going On

Rising variety blog Ishli is proud to offer a unique view on food, travel, music and more for all its readers and beyond.

For readers from all walks of life, Ishli is the destination. The buzzing blog offers a fresh view of various categories such as food, music, travel, beauty, and fashion and presents it all in a non-pretentious manner, all for the sake of shareable quality content. Their newest blog post, 10 Non-Traditional Holiday Desserts , is the perfect example of the type of easy-going, fun and delicious content that Ishli is all about.

The holiday desserts they ve covered include a delicious no-bake mint Oreo cheesecake and a maple cream pie. The recipes are recognizable and timeless, even if they aren t always associated with the holiday season, and offer readers excellent holiday dessert advice. Who doesn't like dessert? The post is a standout from Ishli and shows the kind of versatility that the blog is known for as well as the conversational tone it manages to maintain regardless of the topic.

The food blog doesn t limit itself to a single subject. Instead, it aims to reach out to readers of all different subjects and invites writers to contribute guest posts about their particular area of expertise. From the latest headphone options to the very best places to eat in NYC, there is no shortage of exciting and useful content for varying audience types.

The food section of the blog, however, is especially strong as it offers lists of unique dishes from around the world, different recipes to try at home and even the top rated spots to visit in buzzing cities like Austin, TX. Wherever the reader wants to take their experience, they have the power to do so with Ishli, and that is truly revolutionary.

About Ishli: Ishli is an innovative up and coming content creation platform that aims to put the power of creation back into the hands of the reader. We want our readers to shape the future of our company by suggesting the type of content they want to see. For every topic someone loves to read about there is someone out there willing to write it and that writer may even be you, the reader.

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