Frog Hollow Farm Is Now Picking the Rare Classic Santa Rosa Plum

Santa Rosa plums are rare, but delicious, heirloom plums now being harvested for the next couple weeks at California's Frog Hollow Farm. Santa Rosas are too fragile for supermarkets, but are picked ripe and shipped with care to Frog Hollow's fruit-loving customers.

Spring and summer are like a movie on Frog Hollow Farm – as their varieties begin to ripen, a new storyline unfolds. This week, things continue to be interesting with Santa Rosa Plums, the first classic plum of the summer. Sweet, tart Santa Rosa plums are ripe and ready – this is another incredibly good-tasting variety that has been abandoned by conventional producers, but can be found at Frog Hollow Farm.

Famed California horticulturist Luther Burbank bred this plum at his Santa Rosa plant research center and named it after its birthplace. The Santa Rosa has a red skin and purple bloom. Its amber flesh turns red as it ripens. They are candy-sweet and perfectly balanced by their mild tart skin.

This is an excellent plum for eating out of hand . . . just be sure to grab a napkin. They make delicious jam and jelly, too.

The Santa Rosa plum is too fragile to survive the supermarket gauntlet, but are picked and shipped with special care to Frog Hollow customers. Classic fruits like Santa Rosa plums are plentiful at Frog Hollow Farm.

Ripening behind the scenes are the Jade nectarines – they're getting close to ripe, but still need a bit more time. Jade is a white nectarine, and it’s the first nectarine of the season. People love Jade for its juicy sweetness, and there is no fuzz to worry about. These aren't large fruits—they run small to medium—but their excellent flavor and juiciness make up for all that.

Fresh ripe nectarines are a perfect spring-summer treat, and Frog Hollow Farm's nectarines are known far and wide for their legendary juiciness and flavor. The season is short and they sell out quickly, so customers should pre-order. This is a great time to sign up for Need Some Nectarines fresh organic fruit shipping program so customers can try the farm's incredible varieties, especially Fantasia … coming soon. Check it out here.

Frog Hollow Farm ships the best of what they're picking to homes and offices nationwide. They ship what's fresh, perfect for a snack or to give as a healthy gift to loved ones. Organic cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, and pears - all delivered from farm to table in 48 hours.

"Frog Hollow Farm is Certified Organic, with a reputation for some of the best-tasting varieties of peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines, and cherries anywhere...." – from an article by Amy Albert in Fine Cooking Magazine.

About Frog Hollow Farm –
Frog Hollow Farm is a 143-acre organic farm located east of San Francisco in the fertile Sacramento River Delta. The Frog Hollow Farm orchards find a perfect home in Brentwood, California's Mediterranean-type climate with its warm days and cool nights. Farmer Al has been called a “rock star” of the organic fruit delivery industry because he selects only the sweetest, most flavorful, tree-ripened fruit to ship directly to his customers, from tree to table in 48 hours. All tree-ripened fruit from Frog Hollow Farm is carefully boxed and shipped unblemished and ready to eat. Farmer Al is a stickler for quality and wants to make certain that customers get the best organic fruit possible.

According to Farmer Al, only 2% of fruit is cosmetically perfect. Fruit with minor blemishes makes up the bulk of any harvest and much of it goes to area Farmer's Markets. Beautiful fruit that is ripe enough to have great flavor and survive shipping goes to their mail order customers. Ripe and ready-to-eat blemished fruit finds a home in the weekly boxes of the Community Supported Agriculture program they operate in California's San Francisco Bay Area.

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