Frisco HVAC Repair Company Discusses the Implications of Unmaintained Heating Systems in New Article

Air Repair Pros reminded the public to prepare furnaces for the coming winter through preventive maintenance in an article published on their website. Read the full article at

The Air Repair Pros released an article called “Prepare Your Home for The Cold Season with Furnace Repair Frisco TX” to remind the public of the importance of maintaining a home furnace before the cold season arrives.

In the same article, the company emphasized that spending on HVAC system maintenance costs less than spending more on its repair. In fact, it is one good investment to put hard-earned money during holidays.

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As the cold season is fast approaching, it pays to prepare the furnace through regular cleaning. Homeowners were more relieved to know that their home could withstand the cold temperature.

The worst thing that can happen on a cold season is to find the furnace malfunctioning.

Unmaintained HVAC systems can lead to further damage.

The company pointed out the signs of a broken furnace every homeowner should avoid. With these, they enlisted significant practices to confirm if the HVAC system needs repair:

1. Check if the circuit breaker is connected to a power source.
2. Make sure that the thermostat is on.
3. Observe unusual noises coming from the furnace. This can be brought by loose parts inside the heater, a broken fan belt, a crack in the heat exchanger, or system overheating.

Constantly checking on the system will save a homeowner from more repair costs and a surge in the electric bill. The system may consume more energy when it has malfunctioned. Unnecessary consumption of energy leads to added utility expense and repair costs.

Regular cleaning could avoid frequent shutting down of the heater. Ignoring the signs can lead to more spending on repairs.

The company brought in their article the heater problems an owner must avoid:

• Replacing a broken control board
• Reduced airflow caused by clogged evaporator coils
• Repairing or replacing deflective blower motors
• Dirty pipes that cause leakage and more repairs in the ceiling, floors, and walls
• Faulty wires that cause a fire.
• Saturated air filters that damage the system more

While the company agreed that DIY furnace tune-up helps in certain parts cleaning, it pays to get professional hands on the HVAC system.

In circumstances that self-checking and DIY tune-up won’t be enough, the expert technicians will make an accurate diagnosis.

The professional-tune up that will restrict the furnace from malfunctioning on the cold season involves:
• Calibrating the thermostat
• Cleaning or replacing the filters
• Cleaning the burners
• Cleaning the electrical connections
• Checking the heating operations
• Testing the limit and safety switches
All these will help an HVAC system perform well on the coldest days.

What more Air Repair Pros can help with is that they are available 24/7. Aside from maintenance, they also offer furnace installation and repairs. Their premium maintenance services are accessible in most places around Texas.

All it takes is to find an experienced HVAC company with quality services and a proven track record.

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