Fresno Hot Tubs Opening Announced In Light Of Growing Demand Versus Waning Research

Hot tub experts lend industry knowledge and experience to prevent buyer's remorse.

Based on consumer reports, an estimated 6 million Americans own hot tubs with this number consistently growing in the interim of economic recovery. Among current owners, approximately 60 percent admit they disregarded market research, opting instead to purchase the first model they encountered; of those, 40 percent regret this decision, wishing they had heeded the advice of the experts. Well aware of the repercussions of taking such a purchase lightly, Jolie Marzolla has announced the recent opening of Fresno Hot Tubs.

Marzolla confirmed, "Our new store carries the top brands in the industry, and our staff is comprised of the area's main authorities on this sector of the market. Focusing on exceptional customer service and satisfaction, we are ready to answer any questions potential buyers may have and guide them through the purchasing process."

Statistics indicate consumers primarily purchase hot tubs with their relaxation and pain relieving properties in mind. Hot tubs have been proven to help reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis as well as improve blood flow to soothe sore muscles. Heat combined with the massaging action of the jets also relieve stress and improve sleep patterns.

The experts at Fresno Hot Tubs noted many owners are disappointed with the lack of effectiveness their hot tubs provide in this area. While jets should be able to reach all muscle groups, they should also be adjustable to allow certain muscles to be targeted when necessary. Pressure exerted by the jets should also be considered. Some models operate with uniform pressure whereas others allow it to be modified based on user preference.

Some are interested in hot tubs solely for entertainment purposes, making capacity a more important consideration than versatility. Purchasing a model large enough accommodate more occupants than normally anticipated is advisable; however, available space for installation should also be factored into the decision. Regardless of the intended use, having controls that are easily accessible is a vital feature for Hot Tubs Fresno.

Concluded Marzolla, "Buyers should never be afraid to ask sales representatives any questions they may have. We are happy to put our knowledge and experience in the industry to work for our customers. By comparing the features of each brand and model to the needs of our customers, we can help them make the best choice for them rather than experiencing buyer's remorse after taking the first model they see."

About Fresno Hot Tubs:
A group of industry veterans, the staff of Fresno Hot Tubs came together to make a difference in their local hot tub industry. By offering exceptional service and the most popular brands available, they are the anticipated forerunners among Hot Tub Dealers Fresno.

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