Fresh Air HQ Reports the Use of Fans in the Home Helps to Improve Airflow

Improved airflow helps to improve energy efficiency of the home while reducing the burden on the heating and cooling system, announces

According to, airflow helps to regulate the temperature in the home. Fans work to help in this endeavor by circulating the air and reducing the burden on the heating and cooling system, yet fans need to be positioned properly to achieve the desired results. In addition, individuals need to know which fans operate best and which are to be avoided. Fresh Air HQ helps with this task.

"Dyson fans remain a popular choice with consumers, with some opting to purchase a tower fan and others electing to buy a dyson hot and cool fan. When choosing a fan, consumers need to take many factors into consideration. Some decide they need a tilt feature, yet others find they wish to have a fan that incorporates tip over protection. Determine the features needed in a fan before shopping for a new device and be sure to read a dyson fan review of each product before buying," Madeline Clark, spokesperson for Fresh Air HQ, recommends.

According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for more than 50 percent of all energy used in the average American home. Thankfully, this figure continues to decline, as homes become more energy efficient. Certain individuals find they cannot afford to make major upgrades, however, such as installing more energy efficient windows. For this reason, they turn to less costly methods of reducing energy costs, such as fans.

Choosing a fan isn't always a simple task, as there are so many to choose from. Some find a sleep timer is their top priority when purchasing a fan, according to Clark, yet others opt for a fan with a temperature control setting. Inexpensive fans tend to have two or three settings, yet more advanced devices allow for more control. Certain Dyson fans have ten fan speeds, offering the user more control over airflow in the home.

Using fans in the home helps to reduce the burden on the heating and cooling system. Many homeowners choose to use portable fans in conjunction with ceiling fans. The ceiling fan pushes heat down during the winter and up during the summer months, simply be reversing the direction of the blades. The air at lower levels can then be moved to the desired location with the help of portable fans.

"Consider purchasing fans to improve air flow in the home. In addition, many individuals choose to purchase dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air during the summer months and humidifiers to add moisture when the weather turns cold and the heat is turned up. Fresh Air HQ offers information on all of these products. Consumers need to remember the right fan may be used year round to increase airflow, making this a smart choice for any home," Clark states.


Fresh Air HQ reviews ionizers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and fans to help consumers find the products which best meet their needs. Freshening the air in the home remains a priority of many, yet they aren't sure which devices will provide the desired results. With the help of this site, narrowing the available options becomes an easier task.

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