Freeze Dried Emergency Foods Expand Range of Gourmet Foods To Help Survival Taste Great has increased the number of gourmet foods available in their range to help those in survival situations keep moral high with delicious tasting meals.

Doomsday preppers have been the subject of fascination over the last year, with programs about them on the History channel and National Geographic, as well as articles in the Wall Street Journal and more. These are everyday people who are preparing for the end, creating shelters and stocking them with emergency survival stores. is the highest rated provider of emergency foodstuffs, and they have recently expanded their range of gourmet foodstuffs so that if nothing else, disaster can taste great.

Freeze Dried Emergency Foods now has new items listed on their official website, including one month emergency food supply packages, three month, six month and even one year bulk packages that represent a bigger saving respectively, and contain amazing meals like chili macaroni, chicken ala king, savory stroganoff, apple and cinnamon cereal and more (more information here).

In addition, they offer freeze dried gourmet meats, including roast beef and chicken, cheesy ground beef, teriyaki chicken and more. All the food contents are provided in space-economic, easy-storage buckets that can be easily added to shelters to ensure people have the kind of nutrition that will keep morale up relative to blander military food rations.

A spokesperson for Freeze Dried Emergency Foods explained, “We have expanded the range of meal choices on offer because we understand that variety is essential to a healthy diet. That’s why our survival packs are nutritionally formulated to ensure individuals get all the essentials they need throughout the course of the day, every day. The food supplies we offer are designed to keep people safe and healthy without asking them to do any more than add water. We also offer a range of survival kits designed to help people get from wherever they are when a disaster strikes to their safe place, ensuring they are always taken care of should the worst happen.”

About Freeze Dried Emergency Foods:
Freeze Dried Emergency Foods provide nourishing, easy-to-make gourmet freeze dried meals. All freeze dried foods are kept in sealed Mylar packages and are prepared by just adding water. Meal packages come inside sealable buckets, easily stackable in homes, vehicles, disaster shelters, or any other storage building.

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