Freelancers and freelance marketplaces consider COVID-19 as the most favourable period

More than 71% of freelancers believe that the global financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic will only benefit the freelance market. This is proved by the results of a survey that a service conducted for freelancers.

Rootpay has done research by interviewing 2019 freelancers of the service from 24 countries.

Once the COVID-19 is under control, 64% of freelancers consider that the demand for their services increased in comparison to what it was before, and another 16% expect that the demand should not go down compared to what it was before the crisis.

The most part of freelance teams (62%) proof of resistance and stability during the crisis. They are adapted to perform work from a distance, they have modern tools and programs, and are more flexible in forming pricing policies. Many freelance companies maintain their staff (85% of respondents) and salaries (80%). Many of them recruit additional freelancers, expand the range of services that can be performed, and increase the volume of taken orders during the pandemic (29% of respondents)

Freelance marketplaces report about the rapid growth of the number of new freelancers registering on their platforms as well as about constant-growing demand for their services. The largest growth was seen in categories:
• online education;
• online marketing on social networks;
• copywriting.

An interesting fact is how freelance marketplaces traffic increased during the quarantine period: there were significantly more visitors from desktop devices than from mobile devices, reflecting the demands of many governments around the world to stay home and work remotely.

These trends reflect changes in the way people and businesses adapt to the current state of affairs. The conclusions are simple - people turn into freelance marketplaces to find new sources of income; companies cut costs and enter the freelance market.

The Rootpay survey shows that even in these unprecedented times, freelance and remote work can very quickly become a new norm and remain so forever. More and more companies are adapting to working online, which will eventually increase the need for services to attract and manage freelancers.

Under conditions the global pandemic, remote work is becoming a norm. Businessmen realize that it is possible to perform a lot of duties with high quality, even being far from the workplace. The end of quarantine measures will irrevocably lead to a rethinking of wage and salary policies.

The research was conducted by the service which helps companies to optimize and simplify the work with freelancers from around the world.

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