Freedom Superfoods Re-Releases Potent Pure Organic Ashwagandha Powder Sourced Directly From India

Ashwagandha powder has earned a centuries-old reputation for delivering energy and removing stress in the Far East. Freedom Superfoods are happy to make available premium pure Ashwagandha Powder that is both healthy and effective.

Pure Ashwagandha powder is often called “Indian Ginseng” for it's energizing, stress-relieving, and rejuvenating qualities. Yet when bought by many American shoppers they don't report any results from it at all. The problem is in lack of quality control, cheap storage, and packaging methods. Stepping up to help solve this concern, and make the potential benefits of natural Ashwagandha powder available in the United States at a low price is Freedom Superfoods who recently re-released the gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, Organic Ashwagandha Powder at Customers are overjoyed with the news.

“We search the globe with a passion to make available the best in superfoods ethically sourced from their native environments,” pointed out a spokesperson from Freedom Superfoods. “With all the problems existing with the low potency Ashwagandha sold in the United States today, we knew we could do much better. The end result is our Freedom Superfoods Pure Organic Ashwagandha Powder, where the effects are evident. We are happy to bring it back on the market.”

Natural health experts agree with a thousand years of Indian experience that Ashwagandha can be a powerful adaptogen, that can help improve mood, boost energy levels, help with anxiety and stress, and even enhance healthy libido. Ashwagandha powder can be made into a tea or added to smoothies or other drinks. Many point to Ashwagandha Powder as a natural, proven alternative to consider for synthetic products that attempt to deliver in these areas.

To ensure Freedom Superfoods only delivers the best pure Ashwagandha powder possible the company turns to farmers in Southern India where the plant is best traditionally grown, due to the combination of proper soil, humidity, and climate, which is next-to-impossible to imitate elsewhere. The leaves are then processed in a gluten-free facility, at a cool temperature to make sure none of the powder's benefits are lost.

Freedom Superfoods Pure Ashwagandha Powder is also Certified USDA Organic. Non-GMO, and free from fillers and binders. It is delivered in 8 oz quantities in eco-friendly, resealable packaging, designed to protect the powder from UV light which can make it ineffective.

What's clear is all this extra attention to detail makes a big difference in quality as testified to by the company's growing amount of positive feedback and reviews.

Freedom Superfoods Premium Ashwagandha Powder has just been re-released on To celebrate, Freedom Superfoods is giving away a special 20% off Amazon discount coupon code to give their Ashwagandha Powder a try. This way more people can experience this amazing product at the lowest possible launch price.

The high-quality Ashwagandha Root used for this powder is rare so the company has a very limited supply. To get yours now, visit: Freedom Superfoods

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