Free Water Systems Offers a New Complete Cistern System for Well Owners

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Freewater’s New System Grants Customers Household Access to Water at Any Time.

There has been a rising popularity as of late in regards to the installation of water tanks. Most homeowners use domestic water tanks because it saves them money. The problem with these tanks is the fact that homeowners become dependent on the city’s water supply. Using city water opens up opportunities for problems like water restrictions, contamination, and of course, the rising cost of water.

To save even more money in the long-term, and do away with these other problems entirely, homeowners can choose to install a water tank provided by FreeWater Systems. With this new comprehensive water system, homeowners will never have to use city water again.

FreeWater Systems uses a specialized underground water storage system that has been developed and perfected over the years since the company’s inception. A patented set of modules fastened together into a single monolithic tank, the patented OcTank system is now used all over North America and in the Caribbean.

For homes which have a well nearby, a new innovative system has arrived, courtesy of FreeWater Systems that stores well water for household use. This comprehensive system includes the water tank/cistern, and a pressure pump, all of which can be shipped directly to the jobsite for turnkey installation.

All required accessories are included, even a tool for tightening the fittings. Many homeowners have installed these systems with a little or no help from hired contractors. This ease of installation has saved numerous homeowners significant amounts of money. Having this cistern system installed will bring a number of valuable advantages to a home’s water supply and create a massive savings for customers over the long-term.

For starters, having a cistern system installed will allow constant access to the household’s water supply. In addition, homeowners will be independent from public water supplies and therefore be immune to price increases and restrictions. This also prevents any possible contaminations from city water getting in the supply. Contaminants like sulfur and iron are consistently found in city water supplies. Finally, having a cistern system installed will provide softer water, eliminating the need to purchase a water softener.

During power outages or interruptions in city water service, homeowners will have no problems gaining access to the water they need. Cisterns range in size from 2,000 to 30,000 gallons to meet the needs of any sized household. The company owner, Ron Harris is available by phone or email to answer any and all questions for potential customers.

One customer, Craig, was so pleased with the results, he sent a letter that is proudly displayed on the company’s main page. It reads: “Ron, just wanted to say thank again for the great water tank system. Everything went together easily and the system is working just as envisioned. Everyone is amazed by the system!”

With the rising prices of city water, and constant contaminants and impurities going unnoticed, there has never been a better time to invest in a complete cistern system from FreeWater Systems. Well owners will find the investment goes a long way towards saving them money, protecting themselves and their families from contaminated water, and having the peace of mind that clean water is always available.

About FreeWater Systems:
The company was formed in 2010 as FreeWater Systems LLC. Before this, Darco Inc began developing water storage systems for the citizens of Colorado in 1988. The company obtained a patent on their specialized system of modules fastened into a single monolithic tank and developed accessories over the coming years. After the formation of FreeWater Systems, the company took over the polyethylene portion of Darco Inc and moved the plant to Lakewood, CO. Now the patented OcTank System is used all over North America and in the Caribbean. For more information please visit

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Name: Ron Harris
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