Free Picture Solutions Develops PNG to JPG Converter To Optimize Images For Online Sharing

Free Picture Solutions has designed and released a free to use PNG to JPG converter to switch high-density PNG image files for small-sized JPG files for faster upload and transload speeds.

The PNG format was created to store high fidelity images with support for special applications such as the preservation of transparency in an image so it can be overlaid over a second image in the background. While useful in some situations, for larger images the PNG quickly becomes unwieldy in size, leading individuals to look for a more economical solution. Free Picture Solutions has launched just that, with a free software that allows users to convert PNG to JPG, a far more web friendly image format that creates lightweight files for fast and smooth display.

The software is free to download and takes just moments to install. It can be found on the Free Picture Solutions website or other software repositories like CNET. The software is easy to use and requires a fraction of a computer’s memory resources to run effectively, with an intuitive user interface designed to be clear and apparent.

The PNG to JPG software comes with a complimentary unlimited usage license so individuals can convert one or a thousand files without worrying about running into any required paid upgrades. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and comes with a range of options including resizing, optimizing, redesignation and more.

A spokesperson for Free Picture Solutions explained, “We have created this software because many individuals save their pictures by default as a high quality PNG- indeed, even Microsoft Paint now defaults to this format. While good for preserving quality, it is a large file type that can lead to slow upload to the web and even slower loading of websites, and even need to be converted by Facebook before being displayed. The converter allows people to make these into lightweight JPG images that are quicker to use and share across all online applications.”

About Free Picture Solutions:
Free Picture Solutions is a software developer who specializes in creating free to download, ready to use applications to complete practical functions that users are having difficulty in doing themselves. Their software is regularly syndicated on major recommended resource centres and is highly rated by users. After two years in the business, they have also begun creating video capture software.

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