Free Online Course Demystifies Ancient Art of Meditation

Under his 70,000-strong Project:Yourself movement, Amish Shah and his wife Dr. Puja Shah have launched a new and free 9-day online experience that helps eliminate the obstacles most people face when meditating - from lack of focus to mind chatter.

Encinitas, CA, May 16th, 2015 – Anyone looking to gain the scientifically verified benefits of meditation – from stress relief to enhanced creativity and intuition, to even accelerated healing – now has an easy and free option thanks to a new 9-day online meditation experience from Project:Yourself, an online movement focused on accessible spirituality and personal growth.

“This free meditation experience is a part of our mission to elevate human consciousness through space-age science and authentic ancient wisdom,” says Project:Yourself founder and two-time Inc. 500-listed entrepreneur Amish Shah. “We call it the ‘Inner Riches’ Meditation Experience, because it’s about using meditation to tap into your internal assets and trigger tangible changes in your life – from your career and finances to your health and relationships.”

Citing lack of focus, mind chatter and incorrect technique as some of the main reasons people can’t meditate effectively, Project:Yourself co-founder and meditation coach Dr. Puja Shah believes the Inner Riches Meditation Experience is an easy and enjoyable way to consistently achieve deep states of meditation – where the true transformative power of this ancient practice lies.

“You’ve got studies that show meditation physically strengthens your grey matter, like how working out at the gym strengthens your muscles,” she explains. “You’ve even got studies that show meditation ‘upgrades’ your DNA, giving you better quality of thoughts, more productive habits and more control over your emotions. But these benefits won’t arrive until a person is meditating regularly, and consistently lowering their brainwaves to the necessary levels known as Alpha and Theta.”

Throughout the Inner Riches Meditation Experience, participants will be emailed one daily guided meditation audio, each one infused with Holosync™ brainwave entrainment technology. Each day will also come with an additional exercise, like a breathing exercise for relaxation, or a written exercise for reflection.

“By the time the 9 days are over, each participant will be empowered to turn deep meditation into a daily habit, and reap the life-changing rewards” explains Amish Shah. “We’ve already trained over 70,000 people through our scientific and spiritual approach to personal growth, and we look forward to sparking a Consciousness Revolution by training millions more through free online experiences like this one.”

The Inner Riches Meditation Experience begins on Friday, May 22nd. Participation is free. Interested parties are invited to RSVP at the following page before the journey begins:

Project:Yourself is an online movement that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help people achieve more in their careers, finances, health, relationships and spiritual wellness. Since 2012, over 70,000 people have joined Amish Shah & Dr. Puja Shah as they share their findings from various sources – including interviews with some of the world’s leading scientists, spiritual teachers and doctors.

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