Free Mask-Relief Solution Cream Relieves COVID-19 Mask Irritation, Says Doctor

The free mask-relief solution cream is available through the Burn Solution Foundation to those suffering mask burns and other skin irritations caused by wearing face masks. The cream is made in the USA and registered with the FDA.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the source of a new normal for people around the globe — wearing a mask. Dr. Bruce Miller is happy to report his free mask relief solution cream, distributed under the Burn Solution Foundation, has been successful in soothing mask burns and irritation.

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Dr. Miller invented the solution cream initially as an antiviral cream that had impressive results in treating HSV1 and 2 (herpes simplex virus, the same virus that causes cold sores). After much testing, the original formulation also proved to be effective for treating burns and temporary relief of minor aches and pains commonly associated with backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains, burns, rashes and bug bites.

A horrible accident in 2005 left Dr. Miller with serious second-and third-degree burns all over his body. He took this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to test first-hand the effectiveness of his Solution Cream. Doctors were astounded that after just two weeks of using it, Dr. Miller was almost healed.

After witnessing his product’s capabilities, Dr. Miller decided he didn’t want to sell it for profit; he chose to donate the relief cream wherever he could instead. He made the cream available for free to homeless shelters, disaster-relief aids, foster homes and abuse centers. With his son, Wayne Miller, he created the Burn Solution Foundation to distribute the Solution Cream to those who need it for free.

“Masks are a common part of life during the global pandemic,” says Dr. Miller. “But that doesn’t mean you have to continue to struggle with the long-term effects of mask-wearing.” Frontline workers and first-responders know all too well the skin irritation that can come with wearing the protective mask for extended periods. “I’m very excited to work with a program that is healing the healers,” he adds.

The COVID-19 mask relief cream has been shown to prevent and heal:

Chafing and bruising

Dermatitis (maskne)

Burns, cuts, and scrapes

Skin discoloration

Rashes and itching

Rosacea and inflammation

Dr. Miller advises that the Burn Solution Cream is made in the USA and registered with the FDA. All of its ingredients meet the FDA’s regulations to give to people for relief of temporary pain. He recommends that the Solution Cream should be applied as quickly as possible following the injury for the greatest effect. For cooling, deep-penetrating pain relief, apply a thin layer sparingly to affected areas, up to three times daily.

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About Us: Here at the Burn Solution Foundation, we want to help as many people as possible. We do so by donating our Solution Cream to as many different places as we can. We are always willing to expand our scope to help whoever needs it.

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