Free Foundation Evaluations Released to Houston-Area Homeowners

Houston-based foundation repair company, Foundation Repair Houston Help, is offering their evaluation services free-of-charge to all during this statewide campaign.

Many Texans are familiar with the worry over home foundation issues. The dramatic weather conditions and the shifting, clay-filled soil in Texas can be a challenge for any foundation. Unfortunately, no matter how common this issue may be, it does not make it any easier for the average family to fit a repair into their budget. For this reason, Foundation Repair Houston Help is drawing attention to their service, designed to make it easier for everyone to get the advice they need.

“Every foundation repair begins the same way, with an evaluation of the foundations itself.” Company Spokesman Richard Kay states, “Our company, found at, is offering free evaluations with no obligation to all area homeowner who have concerns over the safety of their foundations.”

The company is using this campaign to increase awareness of the problems in foundations, foundation repair and even the typical evaluation process. Kay explained, “It is not unexpected when someone calls needing an inspection of a foundation, to have their fears confirmed. In fact, it has become so expected that some companies are taking advantage of this and claiming problems where none exist.”

According to Kay, the majority of foundations, even those with some cracking, are secure. A certain amount of settling is expected in every home, no matter where in the country it is located. This can lead to cracks and lines in the foundation, but it does not mean the foundation is actually failing. The experts at this company believe that most homes are as secure now as the day they were built and require no repairs at all. In many of these homes a cosmetic touch up to fill in the cracks is sufficient.

“Many people are paying for costly foundation repairs that are not necessary. We want to change that. By signing up for a free evaluation at our website, all homeowners will be able to finally have the answers they need. If their foundation is in need of any type of repair, we will discuss with them all of their options. Our evaluation always includes a detailed report that will provide them with information about any time and expense that will be required to have any necessary work performed.”

Kay and his company are anxious to help make the worry over failing foundations in Texas a thing of the past. They urge all homeowners to check out to learn more about their generous offer and to schedule an evaluation for their own home.

About Foundation Repair Houston Help

Foundation Repair Houston Help is a team of foundation experts dedicated to resolving common worries regarding the stability of homes across Texas. Regardless of the age or condition of the home, this team is qualified to professionally assess and address the concerns of area homeowners and to provide them with sensible solutions based on their evaluations.

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