Free Auto Shutdown Launches Software To Schedule Shutdowns and Restarts For System Health

Free Auto Shutdown is a software developer that has created a means by which to automate shutdowns and restarts so systems are not overworked by remaining active for weeks.

In a world that is becoming ever more connected and ever more instant, it is getting harder and harder to disconnect. People are becoming ever more impatient when it comes to accessing their devices and so shutdowns and restarts have become an annoyance and a nuisance that prevents users from engaging with their devices for their intended purpose. To remedy this, Free Auto Shutdown has created a software that automates shutdowns and restarts so they can take place when users aren’t active.

The Auto Shutdown software offers numerous features including a time and date setting option to schedule specifically when a computer will be powered down or restarted, an auto mode for shut down, reboot and hibernate, a reminder service to ensure a scheduled shutdown doesn’t catch users unawares, hotkeys for fast shutdown, idle and lock, and a screen power down to improve monitor life and economy.

The software can be downloaded from the homepage or from download site CNET, and comes with five star reviews from existing users who praise the software as being a simple and easy to use utility that allows them to readily get the best from their devices without the need to sit and wait for shutdowns and restarts.

A spokesperson for Free Auto Shutdown explained, “The simple truth is that shutdowns and restarts take time that we’d rather not spend when we’re looking to actively engage with our devices. We want to be able to do so immediately and thus of course we limit the times we shut down our computers, which unfortunately leaves them functioning poorly compared to the optimum. By having an automated restart at 3am, users can enjoy the quality of performance while not having to manually sit and wait as the computer restarts. It’s a simple but effective solution.”

About Free Auto Shutdown:
Free Auto Shutdown is a software developer dedicated to providing software solutions that help users regulate their PC or Laptop’s power down functions to ensure optimal performance standards. The software is freely available from their website or from CNET, and comes highly rated by existing users. The software is completely free of adware and spyware and is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

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