Frank Weglarz Explains the Move to Tankless Water Heaters

Frank Weglarz, an HVAC expert near Chicago, explains the popularity of tankless water heaters and the benefits homeowners can receive from installing them.

According to Frank Weglarz, a popular HVAC installer in the greater Chicago area, tankless water heaters are more popular than ever, and with good reason. “Many homeowners are seeing the true benefits of tankless heaters, including lower energy costs and on-demand hot water,” says Weglarz, on the web at

Tankless hot water heaters are a relatively simple addition to most homes and take the place of standard water heaters. However, unlike the standard water heater tank which heats a certain number of gallons and holds them until they are needed, the tankless water heater heats water as it is called for using high-powered heat jets. While tankless heaters come in electric and gas formats, gas is often the most desirable because the water seems to be heated more quickly.

“Tankless water heaters bring two important benefits to homeowners,” notes Weglarz, on the web at “First, these heaters can save money. They are, on average, about 22 percent more efficient than traditional water heaters because water is not kept hot when it is not needed. Second, they provide hot water as it is wanted, so there is basically an unlimited supply and homeowners never run out.”

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About Frank Weglarz: Frank Weglarz, “The HVAC Guy,” offers professional heating and air conditioning service as well as tankless hot water heaters and other energy-saving devices for the home, all at affordable prices. Frank and his team are ready to help homeowners find the perfect HVAC solutions to their needs and deliver professional results for any heating or air conditioning repairs and installations.

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