Fozeus Ecosystem Launches Its Novel Blockchain Based Ecosystem

Fozeus Ecosystem is launching its novel blockchain based ecosystem with a view to challenging the current cryptocurrency status quo and become the world’s primary decentralized payment platform powered by its own digital currency, aka the FZS or Fozeus Coin.

“We aim to invest heavily in developing our ecosystem and growing our community exponentially by offering a range of digital products and services that interact with and complement each other via blockchain technology and which can be paid for using our Fozeus Coin,” says founder and CEO for the Estonian startup Tom Veber.

The digital services and products that the Fozeus Ecosystem intends to offer include a social media and networking platform –, Fozeus NFT Marketplace for NFTs like Shiba Inu, Fozeus games with metaverse integration into the multiplayer competitions, and much more. The FZS or Fozeus Coin is at the heart of the digital economy within the ecosystem.

“We’re looking to solve the liquidity problems commonly associated with existing bitcoin exchanges and position Fozeus as the payment instrument of the future while driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies to a whole new level,” explains Tom.

“Achieving our goal means increasing the intrinsic value of our digital currency and the rollout of our trading technologies in order to incentivize community members and further expand our ecosystem. To this end, we plan to announce at least one market-ready product or subproduct in Q4 2021, including Bsc Scan labeling and CoinMarketCap listing,” continues Tom.

As with other popular bitcoin trading platforms and exchanges – like Binance, for example – all Fozeus Ecosystem transactions are performed via the blockchain.

“What sets Fozeus apart, though,” says Tom, “is our vision. The Fozeus Ecosystem is about building a global community where members can interact directly with each other and enjoy the benefits offered by our products and services. There will be opportunities to earn coins on our social media and networking platform as well as bonuses and even the potential to secure a steady income stream for those who join our Fozeus Franchise Program.”

As an open-source ecosystem, Fozeus also welcomes input from developers.

“Ongoing collaboration with interested developers is essential to ensuring our continued sustainability and enhancing the products and services offered by the Fozeus Ecosystem.”

“We believe that a decentralized ecosystem based on the blockchain technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto offers the most promising path to bring our vision to life. Through Fozeus, we have the power to make the world a better place by fighting poverty and helping people achieve financial freedom, so raising the standard of living for those who are less advantaged,” concludes Tom.


Fozeus is a community-driven ecosystem built to solve a liquidity problem, challenge the entire crypto community, and become the world’s primary decentralized payment asset. The Fozeus Ecosystem offers a range of digital services and applications that interact with and complement each other via blockchain technology. The Fozeus Coin – or FZS – is the digital currency used to access the ecosystem’s services and products.

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