Fox News Profiles USA’s Leading Hypnotist Marc Carlin’s The Virtual Gastric Band

America's leading hypnotist, Marc Carlin, of is interviewed on his unique weight loss program, The Virtual Gastric Band. Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News health expert, explains how he uses hypnosis to get clients to act as if they've had gastric band surgery.

International news agency, Fox News, followed America's leading hypnotist, Marc Carlin through a complete first session of the unique weight loss program, The Virtual Gastric Band.

Dr. Manny Alvarez, the Senior Managing Editor of Health News for the Fox News Organization, states that the process works by, “using hypnosis to make patients believe they had physical weight loss surgery.”

Marc Carlin, The Results Hypnotist and pioneer of the process, states that, “what they are experiencing is tightness in their stomach, not a physical tightness, but they just might feel fuller quicker when they start to eat.”

Barbara Perjik visited Mr. Carlin and lost over 50 pounds after 6 months. She has kept it off for more than a year. Perjik states, ““I tried everything else, I just couldn't get my head into it. I needed something and I didn't want any medication.” She continues to proclaim, “The weight fell off me, I wasn't on a diet, it fell off me, I lost all my desire for sweets. I was eating and eating well.”

While Mr. Carlin states that, “people lose weight right away”, he also adds that he has a few different multi session programs that use The Virtual Gastric Band component and provide different levels of support as clients lose their weight. The basic program has 4 sessions and costs $1500 to get started.

Mr. Carlin also teaches Doctors, Therapists, Nurses, & Hypnotists around the world how to use this program with their clients.

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