Founder and CEO of Vavoom Luke Battiloro Discusses Disrupting a Major Industry with Heavy Shift News

Battiloro was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Heavy Shift News to discuss the Vavoom brand’s breakout success

Founder and CEO of Vavoom Luke Battiloro knows what it takes to create a successful e-commerce business. He built several successful companies before launching the Vavoom, a breakout success. Battiloro started his career as an entrepreneur, selling health supplements before investing in CBD. In a recent interview with Heavy Shift News, a source of independent reporting and commentary important to Americans, Battiloro discussed his unconventional strategy for growing Vavoom.

Vavoom has experienced strong growth over the last few years. In his exclusive interview with Feed Voice, Battiloro discussed what has led to his success in eCommerce. "The little guy. The guy that knows how to get the sales can be very underestimated. You can work with an agency and pay them $100,000 a year, but there could be a guy somewhere who just really knows how to funnel customers and knows how to get the buyers to buy. You know he or she is just someone who understands. A person like that can disrupt an industry," Battiloro said.

But, with experience in growing several successful businesses, Battiloro discussed tools that can be very useful for eCommerce brands. "I’ve been through all the other software, but Shopify gives you the tools to build an e-commerce platform on your own," Battiloro said. “There are countless apps out there that can do so many different things for you. Before you’d have to had three employees, but now you can download an app for $10 a month, and it replaces the employees and does it better and more efficiently."

Battiloro goes on to discuss offer advice for sales conversion. “Urgency, create an urgency. That can be a sale. What really works the best are two-hour flash sales, or six-hour flash sales. That urgency creates an urgency in the customers, and sticks to those urgency sales. So next time the customer will opt in. Also, it’s good to make it simple, the checkout process should be simple. Also button colors. Making the colors recognizable and good based on your business. These colors evoke different emotions and base them around what you are looking for in your business,” Batilloro said.

Vavoom has overcome the challenges of building a successful business in an extremely competitive industry. "We don't want to be just another brand, we thrive on exclusivity and instant brand awareness at the most exciting places around the world," says Battiloro. "We’re instantly recognizable. People just know they're in the right place for an incredible night when they find us on the top shelf."

About Luke Battiloro
Luke Battiloro is the founder and CEO of the Vavoom brand, which is packaged in a world-class Italian hand-made glass container. Vavoom's signature glass is handcrafted in Milan, Italy, and evokes the figure of a beautiful, young woman stretching skyward. Vavoom aims to bring its Italian influences and benchmark values of beauty and art to life at each step in the design and production process. Additionally, through doing so, Vavoom hopes this product can do more than satisfy customers—also empowering women around the world to live their lives to their fullest. Battiloro is passionate about every side of the business, from production to engineering, software, technology, design, creativity, and philanthropy. He is involved every step of the way.

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