Foundation Repair Pros Showcases Services To Help Remedy Home Structural Issues

Fifteen percent of all newly-built houses already have structural issues. Find out how Foundation Repair Pros is helping homeowners protect their investment at

According to a Consumer Reports investigation, fifteen percent of all newly or recently-built houses have structural issues by the time homeowners purchase them. Homeowners collectively spend millions of dollars every year on foundation repair. Whether their homes are new or old, there is little doubt that damaged foundations are a growing problem for people all across the United States.

In order to help combat the issue in Plano, TX, Foundation Repair Pros is showcasing their services available to homeowners at Their team fully understands how serious foundation problems can be and the hazard they create for everyone in the household. Their aim is very simple: to help local homeowners make their homes a safer place to live.

Sheldon Sims, a representative of Foundation Repair Pros, stated “When a homeowner notices signs of foundation failure, they immediately start to worry about the foundation repair costs they’re going to incur. This worry often leads to a delay in getting professional help because they think they can’t afford the cost of the labor and materials. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that the longer they wait to fix the problem, the more costly the repairs will be. We’re here to help put homeowners’ fears to rest. Our free estimate allows them to get a true assessment of the problem and a rundown of how much it’s going to take to fix it with no obligation. Then, our foundation repair experts can help them decide what to do from there.”

Sims goes on to say, “Ignoring structural issues puts everyone in the home at risk. By the time significant structural failure starts to become a problem inside or outside of the home, pier and beam foundation repair costs can quickly go from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The reason we offer the free evaluation and estimate is to encourage homeowners not to wait. Each home is unique, and each foundation problem will be as well. The team at Foundation Repair Pros will take the time to give each homeowner a thorough and hones evaluation of the problem. Homeowners can rest assured that we’ll complete each repair job as quickly and inexpensively as possible.”

“Homeowners spend a lot out of pocket just to purchase and maintain a home. Our ultimate goal is to help them protect the huge investment they’ve made. The best way for us to do that is to provide them with top-notch foundation repair service. We want homeowners to know that they can rely on us in their time of need. We’ll do what’s necessary to ensure that their family has a safe place to live for as long as they choose to stay in the home.”

About Foundation Repair Pros:

Foundation Repair Pros is a company that specializes in identifying and repairing foundation issues that homeowners often find themselves facing. Because they know how serious foundation problems can be, they strive to provide every customer with prompt, excellent, and reliable service. With the offer of a free inspection and a commitment to meeting all of their clients’ needs, Foundation Repair Pros has become the ultimate resource for homeowners who are truly looking to protect their investment.

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