Foundation Repair Houston Now Offering Free Foundation Inspections reports soil instability in the area contributes to the high need for home foundation repairs, leading to the need for free foundation inspections

Soil instability remains a concern of homeowners in the Houston area. Clay shales, poorly cemented sands, and unconsolidated clays make up the majority of land in the region and, when combined with heavy rains in June along with other times during the year and the resulting flooding, lead to foundation problems. For this reason, Foundation Repair Houston ( now offers free foundation inspections to help homeowners detect small problems before they become major issues.

"Houston homes tend to be built on clay. Clay expands and contracts based on the volume of water present. When the city sees a great deal of rain, the ground expands, while droughts lead to a contraction of the clay, which results in a void of the soil volume. When this void is present at or near the foundation of the home, settling tends to occur. The sooner the problem is caught, the better the chances of a minor repair," Frank Danco of Foundation Repair Houston explains.

When the home settles, numerous problems may develop. Most associate the settling process with cracks in the foundation, cracks in interior walls, or brick veneer which has pulled away from the frames of windows. As the home settles, however, the roof may be affected along with the framework of the entire structure. Plumbing in the home can also be affected. For this reason, regular foundation inspections are essential.

"Call today for the free inspection. Foundation Repair Houston understands how valuable time is for many and takes pride in prompt service. The technicians understand Houston soil and the many problems it presents and can be of assistance. Thanks to competitive pricing offered through the company, homeowners don't need to go broke restoring their home's foundation, and all work remains of the highest quality. Schedule an inspection today as it is always better to know what one is up against rather than worrying about a problem which may not exist," Danco declares.

A foundation inspection allows the company to identify any areas of concern, and hopefully catch them before they affect other areas of the home, such as the roofing or framework. One may find the repair will be less than $1,000 as it's a simple problem with the drainage, while other repairs require tens of thousands of dollars of work as the foundation must be rebuilt. For this reason, one should never delay when they suspect there is a problem with the home's foundation.

"Foundation Repair Houston wants to make certain every homeowner has the opportunity to discover problems early. The free inspection ensures this is the case. Call today as many times an inspection can be scheduled for the very next day. The sooner one has this done, the sooner life can return to normal, free of worries about foundation issues," Danco states.

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