Forward Head Posture Fix Reveals How To Fix Text Neck, Back Pain, Head Posture and Sleep Problems

Forward Head Posture Fix from Rick Kaselj is a new video program for men and women interested in getting rid of texting next and want to improve posture for better breathing and sleep.

Forward Head Posture Fix from best-selling authors and fitness experts Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj is a new program that shows individuals how to correct texting neck which is responsible for a wide range of issues within the body. “Texting Neck” is also known as forward head posture and results with shoulders hunched forward, head droops down and a curved back which can resemble a hump.

In addition, texting neck also results in low energy, grogginess, neck and back pains and shortage of breath. This occurs even in heathy individuals and Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj have created a new program being released today called “Forward Head Posture Fix” which sheds light on the muscle that causes these problems and how to reverse it using 10 very simple exercises that help to restore balance to the body’s posture which makes people stronger, mentally sharper and helps to improve peak performance.

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In Forward Head Posture Fix author Rick Kaselj reports that the average weight of a human head weights 10-12 lbs and when the head sits on the next and shoulders as natural intended the weight is distributed evenly, but when the head is pulled forward by looking at phones or texting the weight of the head pulls on the neck instead which results in massive pressure on the spine. This can cause tissue damage, increased pressure and is the root cause for many of those “unknown” pains men and women might feel in their neck, back, shoulders.

“Texting Neck can also make people look 10 lbs heavier and 2 inches shorter due to hunching over due to bad posture caused by texting neck. In my private practice I see individuals with constant fatigue, lack of energy, pain in the neck, shoulders, upper, lower and middle back, headaches, migraines, pinched and trapped nerves, snoring, sleep apnea, impaired athletic performance and the list goes on. All of this caused by having a bad forward head posture”, reports Rick Kaselj.

In the Forward Head Posture Fix program the main focus is repairing the muscle known as sternocleidomastoid. This is the most vital muscle located at the front of the neck which is responsible for the lifting of an individuals head. Activities like texting, looking down at your phone and staring at a computer screen while sitting at a desk lead to a weak sternocleidomastoid muscle.

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Rick Kaselj created the “Forward Head Posture Fix” program because he saw this problem becoming more widespread and that so called solutions to this problem put forward by so called experts such as “Static” Stretching. This technique lengthens the back and neck of the person, but only provides a temporary solution in most cases and does not fix the problem.

In the Forward Head Posture Fix program the authors claim it’s not about the stretches and movements performed, but the key is in the order of the movements performed. To truly fix Forward Head Posture an individual must “unwind” the correct muscles in a specific order to target them in a way that corrects the problem.

This specific way of targeting and unraveling the muscles is called the “Sequential Flow” method and consist of muscle re-education drills, breathing exercises, mobility exercises, deep cervical flexor training, self massage, static stretching and postural strengthening. “Forward Head Posture Fix” takes this knowledge and compacts it into a program men and women can do from home that takes less than 15 minutes a day to reverse this problem for better posture, more strength, improved health and energy.

Forward Head Posture Fix comes in two different versions. One is a digital package for people interested only in the digital version and the second package consist of a physical copy shipped to the house along with free access to the digital version.

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The program comes with a step by step follow along video program split into three different sections where the author walks people thought each of the 10 exercises which make up the “sequential flow” method. The first part consist of Coaching, the second part is a follow along format and the third consist of exercise swaps to make the movements easier or harder depending on what the individual requires. In addition a Forward Head Posture Fix manual is included which goes more in-depth about the underlying causes of head posture and much more. The manual is the foundation of the entire “Forward Head Posture Fix” program.

Two bonus programs are also provided for individuals to help add more value to the course which include a Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit and 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions. The Forward Head Posture Fix program has been designed to provide real relief from this major problem affecting almost 85% of the population and the program also comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee. This allows men and women interested in the program to check it out risk free for 60 days.

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