Former NASCAR Star, Rockford Speedway Hall Of Famer, Rich Bickle, Winner of Over 400 Career Races Endorses Geo Finance Corp. (GEFI) Revolution Lubricants’ New Products

Revolution Lubricants Newest Products a Hit with Race Enthusiast

Mooresville, North Carolina / March 20, 2014 / Geo Finance Corporation (GEFI) is pleased to announce Rich Bickle, former NASCAR Star, has endorsed Revolution Lubricants’ newest products, using them to win races.

Mr. Bickle endorsed Revolution Lubricants’ newest product, Penetrating Spray Lubricant (PSL) today. PLS is a multi-purpose spray lubricant that has thousands of uses for the house, garage and shop. It is environmentally safe and biodegradable. The product also reduces friction and prevents rust.

“PSL is an amazing product. The first time I used it was to drill through a half inch steel plate in my race shop. I sprayed the product on the steel and on the drill bit as I drilled. It cut through the plate quicker than any other product I’ve used. When I finished, the drilled holes were smooth and I was shocked that I was actually able to grab the drill bit without burning my hand. I couldn’t believe it,” stated Bickle.

Bickle further stated, “ I now build custom race snowmobiles. I approached Revolution Lubricants to see if they could custom blend a Snowmobile Track Lubricant that would give superior performance AND be safe for the environment. Revolution Lubricants actually created a product that worked better than any product I’ve used AND it is bio-degradable! I won several races at the end of the season using this product and couldn’t be happier.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the endorsement,” stated Brian Keasberry, CEO of Geo Finance Corp. “To have someone of Mr. Bickle’s stature using the product, endorsing it and coming back to the company to design new products validates everything we’ve discovered during our own due diligence phase.”

About Rich Bickle
Rich Bickle has competed for over 30 years in many types of racing, including NASCAR’s top three series. In all he has won well over 400 races and was voted into the Rockford Speedway Hall of Fame in Rockford, Illinois this past summer.

About Revolution Lubricants, Inc.
Revolution Lubricants, Inc. is a lubricant distribution company of specialized and custom blended lubricants with the goal of increasing performance and improving the carbon footprint. Being GREEN is a responsibility Revolution Lubricants takes seriously.

About Geo Finance Corporation:
Geo Finance Corporation is a Florida entity established to develop and invest in energy related projects including waste to energy, geothermal collection fields, natural gas and petroleum production. The administrative office is based in Las Vegas, NV.


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