Former Microsoft Engineer Brings A Hong Kong Based Education Start-up To Empower Children To Become Future Ready

In the digital economy where almost every company is a software company, coding is the new language of technology every child should master. Harris Chan, a former Microsoft Engineer, is committed to make a difference with his Hong Kong based education start-up.

Digital transformation is upon us. Self-driving cars, Siri and AlphaGo are just a few examples of how AI and machine learning is transforming our lives. Software and robots are increasingly more capable of handling tasks previously carried out by humans, and this is just the beginning! Bill Gates has predicted that by 2030, millions of jobs will be taken over by robots. However, this also opens up a lot of new and exciting opportunities, especially around the use of technology.

As a former Microsoft engineer, tech veteran and father of two, Harris is fascinated by how technology is transforming our world and what it means to the future generation. He has a vision to empower young innovators by giving them early exposure to coding and robotics, which led to his founding of Cobo Academy. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Harris graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a degree in Computer Science.

"Witnessing my own children grow and acquire new skills gives me joy and satisfaction beyond words. Cobo Academy is a pursuit of my vision to inspire our future generation to unleash their potential and creativity."

Harris started his career as a software engineer at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. He also held senior leadership roles at Yahoo! Hong Kong as Head of Business Development and Director of eCommerce. Prior to founding Cobo Academy, Harris was the Director of Central Marketing Organization at Microsoft, in charge of commercial and consumer marketing in Hong Kong.

Cobo Academy prides itself in offering highly structured and comprehensive coding courses designed for tech enthusiasts ages 4-16. Cobo’s cutting-edge curriculum has been created to augment formal education and is the collective brainchild of experienced coders and educators – many of whom happen to be parents. Through problem-based and project-based learning, children will work on fun and exciting projects that challenge them to unleash their full potential, creativity and inner curiosity. Designed for students at all skill levels, Cobo Academy goes beyond being a place just to learn coding, but also to develop their critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

The academy offers weekly coding courses, private sessions, and holiday camps. Some of Cobo’s most popular coding and robotics courses include Scratch, Minecraft, Microbit, AppInventor, mBot and Python. Student-to-teacher ratio is typically between 4:1 to 8:1. Having small classes optimizes student learning to their individual pace. But, most importantly, children can remain childlike and are encouraged to express themselves freely through the use of technology.

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