Former Air Force Mother of Two Declares War On Modern Day Beauty Products

Cynthia Romero co-owner and founder of Veritas Soap Co. has created a group of new organic & natural soap blends that have none of the damaging side-effects that so many store bought soaps do.

2015 has been the showcase of an idea that has blossomed into an international movement led by Veritas Soap Co., the most prestigious Natural Soap Company in the country. Cynthia Romero and her company have taken the market by storm, being invited in 2014 and 2015 to be product contributors for the nominees of the Emmy Awards as well as the American Music Awards. They have made a statement with their no-nonsense approach to quality products.

Cynthia Romero and her mother were frustrated when the realization sank in that the same exact ingredients found in a dollar store soap blend were also present in a prestigious online company’s product. The idea that their $300.00 soap purchase online from a name brand product marketed as “healthy” and “unique” gave them the same ingredients as a dollar store soap brand (minus any scent related add-ons) was unfathomable. They decided to launch Veritas Soap Co. Using the Latin word for Truth (Veritas) they promised to build the company on transparency and quality.

“Betrayed is the only word to use.” said Cynthia Romero. As a mother there was a desire to invest in quality natural and organic products because the concern for what goes on a child's body is as real as for what goes into it. A consumer can not help but feel cornered and almost forced to buy whatever the industry has to offer. It was at a moment like that the idea struck; The soap business would have another company to contend with. By using herbs and flowers grown locally along with natural oils and ingredients a proprietary process was soon developed that has gained us a successful following across the country as well as internationally. Pride is poured into all our products with a base of transparency and Truth."

Reports have shown ingredients such as Methylparaben and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, both used in food and cosmetics to preserve shelf life, have been tied to health issues. Some researchers suggest that Methylparaben may increase the risk of breast cancer or accelerate the growth of tumors. Putting chemicals on the skin or scalp may actually be worse than eating them. When eating something, the enzymes in saliva and stomach help to break it down and flush it out of your body. However, when you put these chemicals on bare skin they are absorbed straight into the bloodstream without filtering of any kind, going directly to the delicate organs.

What Cynthia Romero did was laser in on locally grown quality products and only included those ingredients that she could verify were organic or natural. Making every single order as it comes in sets them apart from the mainstream companies that produce with the intent to “shelf” products for years at a time. This unique and customer-first business model is why Veritas Soap Co. is quickly becoming the go to company for Truth in skin care production.

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