Forever Aloe Online Report 96% Market Dominance Thanks To Affiliate Scheme

The affiliate scheme, which has seen health conscious individuals spread product awareness by word of mouth, has created a dominant brand with over 2.5 billion dollars in sales.

For the health conscious, supplements, lotions and potions of all kinds hold a particular attraction for giving an edge to the metabolism, immune system and overall vitality. Among those most popular is the now ubiquitous Aloe Vera, seen in everything from tissues to directly applicable gel and supplements promising antibacterial, antibiotic and pro-regenerative effects. Almost all of this aloe vera comes from a single supplier, Forever Living. Forever Aloe Online is a website dedicated to spreading the wealth and success of this brand to new affiliates, who are responsible for much of its success.

Individuals interested in selling Forever Living products were recently treated to an exclusive at the Hawaii Global Rally in April 2013. “Flawless by Sonya” cosmetic products were launched, infused with the goodness of Aloe to create a natural beauty as yet unseen in cosmetics. This and many other Forever Living Products including aloe vera gel have been the key to many affiliates’ prosperity and success.

In order to attract more affiliates to the ever growing scheme, Forever Aloe Online have launched a YouTube Video promoting the benefits of Aloe Vera drinks and asking viewers to register for forever living products to discover more about exclusive affiliate discounts and offers.

Rex Maughan, Chairman & SEO of Forever Living Products, explained, “Aloe Vera is a powerful antioxidant which helps maintain the Immune System. Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals it can detoxify the body and helps build new cells, moisturizing and maintaining a healthy equilibrium in the body. With properties like these, it’s no wonder these products from such a reliable and respected manufacturer prove popular in over 150 countries, and has been used for everything from soothing irritable or sensitive skin to boosting immunity. With our affiliate program, individuals can earn money promoting a product they love, and turn their own understandable enthusiasm into cold hard cash.”

About Forever Aloe Online:
Forever Aloe Online is a syndicated business partner of the Forever Living brand, promoting its affiliate scheme and product lines to consumers and potential partners. The company provides aloe vera products to one hundred and fifty countries throughout the world, controlling 96% of the global market share, and has achieved this by enriching the lives of affiliates who spread the word about the benefits of Aloe Vera. For more information, please visit:

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