Foretec Pte. Ltd. Announces the Launch of New Affiliate Program in Acne Scar Removal Niche

Foretec to offer affiliate program in acne scar removal niche in Singapore

Foretec Pte. Ltd., an established leader in Local SEO, today announced a new affiliate program for webmasters, bloggers and marketers. Foretec Pte. Ltd. has setup a dedicated web page with details about the affiliate program at

Charles Vallena, Co-Founder of Foretec Pte. Ltd., said the affiliate program is perfect for anyone in the acne scar removal in Singapore niche.

"We are happy to announce that with the current success of the company, we are now inviting affiliates to sell in behalf of our company. The move was an initiative of all team members, and we can't wait to let affiliates join in the sales team. We are currently accepting sales coming from acne scar removal. Co2 fractional laser in Singapore niche are very welcome as well. "

The Foretec Pte. Ltd. affiliate program will pay affiliates and webmasters $21 per lead. Vallena said affiliates will be compensated by PayPal and will be paid monthly, but will need to meet a minimum threshold of $101 before payments are sent.

Webmasters and affiliates interested in learning more about the Foretec Pte. Ltd. affiliate program should visit for program rules, information and registration.

More About Foretec Pte. Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Foretec Pte. Ltd. has helped many local businesses with link building and SEO. The company's mission statement is "To provide a cost-efficient, and cost effective digital marketing, SEO strategies and link building for local companies in Singapore and Philippines. The company also continues to improve and strive in terms of providing SEO service as it is an algorithm that is constantly changing. Foretec envisions itself a strong SEO brand in the near future that is recognizable by every small and big businesses in Singapore." To learn more about Foretec Pte. Ltd., you should call +6564600180 or visit them online at

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