Foretec Ph Announces the Launch of New Affiliate Program in the Japanese Merchandise Niche

Foretec Ph launches an affiliate program specific in Japanese merchandise niche

Foretec Ph, an established leader in local SEO and link building, today announced a new affiliate program for webmasters, and marketers. Foretec Ph has setup a dedicated web page with details about the affiliate program at

Charles Vallena, Co-Owner of Foretec Ph, said the affiliate program is perfect for anyone in the cheap harajuku fashion niche.

"We like to address that our recent affiliate programs have been really successful. Foretec has received a lot of customer inquiries and we're really happy about it. Today, we want to expand the niche of our affiliate program and we want promoters to find clients in the shop harajuku online niche," said Vallena. "Shopify websites have been the trend in today's technology and we want to take advantage of that. We know from searching Adwords that a lot of people are searching for key phrases such as "kawaii sweaters" so the demand is really there. It is just up to us and the promoters on how they would capture this market."

The Foretec Ph affiliate program will pay affiliates and webmasters $15 per lead. Vallena said affiliates will be compensated by check, PayPal or wire transfer and will be paid monthly, but will need to meet a minimum threshold of $100 before payments are sent.

Webmasters and affiliates interested in learning more about the Foretec Ph affiliate program should visit for program rules, information and registration.

More About Foretec Ph

Founded in 2017, Foretec Ph has helped many businesses with local SEO and link building. The company's mission statement is "to provide a top-notch SEO services for companies local and abroad. The company continues to strive in providing a comprehensive and cost-efficient SEO and link building services for companies to achieve their business goals. Furthermore, Foretec Ph envisions to be a strong brand in the Philippines, known for its expertise in delivering the best SEO service for companies". To learn more about Foretec Ph, you should call +63 (02) 231-2190 or visit them online at

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