Foretec Announces the Release of Free SEO Guide For Mobile App Developers in Singapore

Foretec has decided to release the free SEO guide for mobile app developers in Singapore to help them better understand how SEO works and how they can better optimise their website for better ranking on search engines.

Foretec, an established leader in Singapore Local SEO, today announced it is giving away a free Guide on its website entitled Mobile App Developer's SEO Guide. Interested consumers may download it for free by visiting

Charles Vallena, Co-Founder of Foretec Pte. Ltd., said the company decided to release the Guide to help mobile app developer in Singapore to have better understanding of SEO and how search engine works, at the same time learn how to apply the SEO methodology that's specific to ranking in mobile app development industry.

"With ever increasing demand of mobile app development in today's market, mobile app developers in Singapore are constantly looking for a way to reach out to their potential clients in this competitive market. We wanted to offer our expertise to educate them on how they can position on themselves better with SEO," said Vallena. "We wanted to get this SEO guide that's specific to mobile app development in Singapore, with the detailed steps by steps guide that any mobile app development company in Singapore can follow through easily to better optimise their website for search engines ranking ."

Some of the topics included in the Guide include fundamental of SEO to advanced SEO techniques that will rank their website better on various search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing, for mobile app development key search terms.

To download the free information, consumers should go to

More About Foretec Pte. Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Foretec Pte. Ltd. has helped many businesses with Local SEO. The company's mission statement is "To provide the most effective and cost-efficient SEO services and link building for local companies in Singapore. Moreover, the company continues to improve in terms of providing SEO service as it is an algorithm that is constantly evolving. Foretec envisions itself a strong brand in the future that is recognizable by every businesses not only in Singapore but also other parts of the world". To learn more about Foretec Pte. Ltd., you should call +6564600180 or visit them online at

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