For Sporting Fans, Two Online Platforms, NBA Forum and NBA4Live, are Creating a Lively Buzz

The NBA fans have plenty to talk about this season, and what better way than to log into NBA Forum and NBA4Live, two platforms that are buzzing with off the court action these days.

January 13, 2020 – The NBA season has yet to throw up the leading team so far. But before that happens, the news of Gus Williams, the Seattle SuperSonics star, surprised everyone. Gus is in legal trouble on a house related matter, and hopefully, this issue will be resolved.

As per the NBA Forum conversations, the Sixers team in this season has gone through a losing streak. They heavily lost four games in a row in Orlando, Indiana, Miami and Houston. They now occupy the fifth sport, with the top spot going to Bucks, who have a nine-game lead.

NBA4Live information also reveals the teams that have done well and those who have fallen behind their glory days. The Thunders are obviously doing well, and are seen as a likely contender. This despite the absence of Russell Westbrook and Paul George. With nine victories in ten games, they are having a tournament. The wins include those over Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Clippers still have to prove that they have a strong defense. With three victories in the eleventh week, they have done well, and have reached the fourth rank in the West. The team is still seen as in the making by many fans. The Sixers, on the other hand, have suffered losses in the eleventh week, with four losses overall. The 76ers have to come up with a better and more dominating game and players.

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