Foot Pain Center Launches To Provide Resources For Diagnosis and Treatment Of Foot Pain

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The feet are one of the most forgotten of our appendages, expected to carry our weight throughout the day and only really noticed when something is wrong- whether it be bad circulation, athletes foot or foot pain. The Foot Pain Center is a new website that has been launched to help people take better care of their feet and alleviate pain caused by common problems. The site aims to become the primary resource center for helping people treat foot pain at home and identify when they may need to see a physician. The first of their posts concentrates on pain in the top of the foot, also known as Dorsal Foot Pain.

The video, just under six minutes long identifies the different kinds of pain from burning, tingling, aching and stabbing sensations. It then identifies the most common causes for these forms of pain.

The video helps individuals understand the anatomy of the foot and how the tendons, nerves, bones and muscles can each cause different forms of pain, and each are treated in distinctly different ways. The video explains some of these as well as recommending exercises to alleviate pain until a physician can be consulted.

A spokesperson for explained, “Foot Pain Center was created to help people find professional advice on identifying and treating different causes of foot pain. The first video we have published has been to identify different potential sources of dorsal foot pain, or pain in the top of the foot. This video explains in less than six minutes the main causes and treatments of dorsal foot pain and is the first in a planned series, demonstrating our commitment to recruiting expert advisors who can help people seek the right kind of treatment and set realistic expectations for themselves about what they’re going through.”

About Foot Pain Center:
Foot Pain Center is a brand new site designed to become the internet’s premier resource center on sources, causes and symptoms of foot pain as well as its treatment and alleviation. The site updates regularly with new content covering different facets of foot pain management, and answers questions from regular readers

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