Foot Care Mask Exfoliator Peel From Renowned Brand Receives Accolades

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Soft Touch has received an Amazon's Choice Award for its foot care mask exfoliator peel. The company has become a social media sensation, with foot mask users raving about its excellent results.

Renowned skincare brand, Soft Touch, has already impressed millions and continues to impress even more with its foot care mask exfoliator peel to remedy dry skin, cracked heels and stubborn calluses. The brand is happy to share that its recently launched foot mask with tea tree extract has already garnered an Amazon’s Choice Award for being well-priced and highly rated.

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The company is well known as a social media sensation. “We have over 15 million views on our online videos. This is more than just your basic foot care product. People are addicted to the foot peeling craze we created. These videos show the incredible results from our Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask. Our customer feedback and outstanding reviews say it all,” the brand’s senior spokesperson reports.

Cracked heels and calluses commonly result from a lack of hydration and repeated pressure and friction against the soles of the feet. The spokesperson explains, “It is recommended that people treat dry skin and calluses to avoid unpleasant symptoms. Over time, these areas on the feet can become tender or painful to the touch, inflamed or itchy. In severe cases, cracked heels can lead to infection.”

Formulated with a combination of pure botanical acids and other wholesome ingredients, the brand has recently added the benefits of tea tree extract to the list. Tea tree extract is a safe topical treatment and seldom irritates. The natural health and wellness resource, Alive describes tea tree extract as “the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils.”

Suitable for men and women, the tea tree foot peel mask will fit up to size 11 men’s. The brand recommends a few tips to achieve the best results possible:

Clean and dry the feet before application

Wear the booties for a full 60 minutes

Put socks on over the booties

Soak feet in warm water for 10 minutes daily after treatment

Allow skin to peel off naturally so as not to cause damage to the underlying skin

Each box contains two sets of booties for two individual treatments. Those experiencing hard, thick calluses should use the second set of booties two weeks after peeling has finished from the first treatment.

Amazon customers appreciate the ability to obtain spa-quality results at home without enduring any painful scrubbing to remove troublesome areas. “Heard about foot peels from a friend. Can’t believe how easy these are to use. It’s been a week, and my feet are virtually transformed. Safe and sound in the comfort of my own home,” raves a satisfied user in her review.

To find more information about Soft Touch and the effectiveness of its popular foot exfoliator, visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.




About Us: Soft Touch is led by Tim and Lynsey Frey. This amazing foot exfoliating product had its beginning in 2014 in the small town of Hickory, N.C. Lynsey, a licensed skincare professional, was on the lookout for the latest developments in skincare treatments. She discovered that a combination of pure botanical acids could create a product unmatched in ridding feet of rough heels and stubborn calluses. Our foot peel mask is a product that leaves your feet feeling baby soft without the hassle of useless tools or expensive trips to the spa.

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