Foosball Reviews Publishes New Reviews Of Harvard and Sportcraft Foosball Tables has created two news reviews of foosball table brands designed to help people make informed purchasing decisions in a crowded market.

Foosball is a uniquely compelling table top game based on soccer. Small figurines are attached to poles which can be rotated to try and manoeuvre a ball into the goal and score points. This simple premise provides hours of fun for people of all ages, and is even considered a sport in its own right by those who take it seriously. is a website dedicated to helping people find the best foosball tables to ensure they don’t waste their investment on sub-par products. Their latest reviews include tables by Sportcraft and Harvard.

The Sportcraft Foosball table review begins with an introduction to the brand and its history before describing the particular table and its primary aims, unique features and stats. The review then analyses how effecting the table is for playing and covers everything from assembly time to skill levels.

The Harvard foosball table review follows the same format, but describes a very different product. While the Sportcraft table is light and portable, it is considered good for children to have fun with but not much use to serious players. Equally the Harvard is a middle-weight contender in more premium price band, yet despite its cheaper build quality is still less affordable than other brands’ alternatives.

A spokesperson for Foosball Reviews explained, “We must confess to being disappointed by the Harvard offering, as they are trying to compete with brands who offering a far finer build quality for the same price, or the same build quality for a cheaper price. The Sportcraft table is a great toy, but it does not make for a great game. It does, however, have its place in the market and fulfils a need. The same cannot be said for the Harvard. We regularly review new products, and have an extensive back catalog too, so users can always find more viable, better-recommended alternatives.”

About Foosball Reviews: Foosball reviews provide detailed personal reviews on popular Foosball tables from the biggest brands producing them. The reviews are all written by consumers that have tried and tested each piece of equipment, and have the journalistic insight required to write an engaging and informative review. The site is designed to help people make informed purchasing decisions.

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