Food4Patriots Officials Eye Approaching Food Fight

The eating habits promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump may not fit on the same menu, but Food4Patriots officials hope there is room on everyone’s plate for good-tasting, nutritious and long-lasting survival food.

It probably won’t look like the food fight in the 1978 film Animal House, but Americans could be headed toward a cuisine clash between the current First Lady and the president-elect.

First Lady Michelle Obama has emphasized the importance of eating healthy and reducing obesity during her husband’s eight-year tenure in the White House, while President-Elect Donald Trump has been a high-profile visitor to Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s, and has indicated he will curb a variety of federal regulations, according to CBS News and other media outlets.

Regardless of who ends up winning the popular vote on this topic, officials at Food4Patriots believe that people need to stockpile good-tasting, nutritious survival food with a long shelf life so that they can be prepared for any outcome.

“There are good arguments for eating healthy and there are strong arguments for allowing people to decide for themselves what they want to eat,” said Allen Baler, Partner at Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC, a company that provides a variety of products that help people become more self-reliant and independent, including Food4Patriots.

“No matter which way someone leans on these issues, an emergency could put us all in the same boat. We want to see people storing long-lasting survival food that will be ready and waiting for them next time they need it.”

The 72-hour, one-week, four-week, three-month and one-year emergency food kits from Food4Patriots have shelf lives of up to 25 years, so it’s not necessary to periodically rotate stockpiles.

The food in these kits can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and requires only boiling water. It’s contained in easy-to-store, space-age Mylar pouches – which keep out air, moisture and light – and tucked inside tough, stackable totes that are discreet and store anywhere – basement, attic, garage, shed, cabin or even an RV.

Food4Patriots provides emergency food products that are shelf-stable for 25 years. Food4Patriots survival food kits are made with food grown, harvested and packaged in the United States, and all of the meals are made without any genetically-modified products, preservatives or fillers. The kits are available in 72-hour, one-week, four-week, three-month and one-year supplies.

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