Food4Patriots Officials Commend FDA For Redefining ‘Healthy’ Foods

The Food and Drug Administration is taking a closer look at the definition of “healthy” foods. Food4Patriots officials applaud this effort, while reminding people to ensure that their emergency food stockpiles include nutritious foods.

As Americans become more interested in healthy foods and lifestyles, they are drawn to food labels that proclaim products to be “natural,” “healthy” and “fat-free.” But are they really?

According to a recent article in the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune , the Food and Drug Administration is redefining its standards for determining which foods can use the term “healthy” in their marketing.

With foods such as eggs having recently gone from the naughty list to the nice list, and foods such as granola seeming to head in the other direction, officials at Food4Patriots agree it’s time to take a closer look at this issue. They also recommend that people purchase nutritious food with a long shelf life in order to be prepared for emergencies.

“It’s important to know exactly which ingredients people are consuming in the foods they eat, including the amounts of sugar, salt and fat they are consuming,” said Allen Baler, Partner at Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC. “The end goal is to become healthier, and hopefully the FDA can provide that kind of guidance.

“But not enough attention is being paid to what people are going to eat next time a disaster in their area causes stores to run out of food and the food supply chain to be disrupted. The answer is to stockpile long-lasting, healthy emergency food that will be ready and waiting for them next time they need it.”

The 72-hour, one-week, four-week, three-month and one-year emergency food kits from Food4Patriots have shelf lives of up to 25 years, so it’s not necessary to periodically rotate stockpiles.

The food in these kits can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and requires only boiling water. It’s contained in easy-to-store, space-age Mylar pouches – which keep out air, moisture and light – and tucked inside tough, stackable totes that are discreet and store anywhere – basement, attic, garage, shed, cabin or even an RV.

Food4Patriots provides emergency food products that are shelf-stable for 25 years. Food4Patriots survival food kits are made with food grown, harvested and packaged in the United States, and all of the meals are made without any genetically-modified products, preservatives or fillers. The kits are available in 72-hour, one-week, four-week, three-month and one-year supplies.

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