Food4Patriots Buyers Rave About Product on New Review Site

Many people are singing the praises of Food4Patriots products following the introduction of a new customer review website.

Any company can say positive things about its own products, but the public does not always agree. The real “taste test” comes when customers of the products chime in with their assessments.

4Patriots LLC recently introduced a website where customers can post product reviews. The site allows buyers to review various aspects of the company’s 3-month, 4-week, 72-hour and 1-year kits – including taste, packaging and shelf life – and post their comments publicly. All of the Food4Patriots kits are made with food grown, harvested and packaged in the United States, and all of the meals are made without any genetically-modified products, preservatives or fillers.

Comments on the review site include:

“The food was received promptly and well packed. The 'stackability' and compactness of the containers is a great asset. I plan on getting more in the next few months.”

“We live in a remote area and having this gives us peace of mind in the event of storms, etc.”

“I tried the wonderful potato soup first. Since I have a Texas craving for sugar, I pulled out the chocolate pudding next. The best I have had!”

“I have checked many sources and have decided to stick with Food4Patriots.”

The Food4Patriots emergency food kits are packaged in space-age Mylar pouches and tucked inside tough, stackable totes that are discreet and store anywhere – basement, attic, garage, shed, cabin or even an RV. Food4Patriots products are shelf-stable for 25 years, which means it is not necessary to periodically rotate stockpiles.

Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC provides a variety of products that help people become more self-reliant and independent. 4Patriots Partner Allen Baler says the best way for Americans to prepare for an emergency situation is by stockpiling non-perishable food, water and other essential items.

“People keep learning the hard way that they should be prepared for emergencies,” Baler said. “There are still so many Americans who are unprepared for a crisis, despite all of the recent weather disasters, clean water shortages and cyber attacks on our electrical grid. Being prepared also results in peace of mind, and that alone is worth the effort.”

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